Governors of Malta

Civil Commissioners of Malta

Captain Alexander Ball 1799-1801
Major-General Henry Pigot 1801
Sir Charles Cameron 1801-1802
Rear-Admiral Alexander Ball 1802-1809
Lieutenant-General Sir Hilderbrand Oakes 1810-1813

Governors of Malta

Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Maitland 1813-1824
General the Marquess of Hastings 1824-1826
Major-General Sir Frederic Ponsomby 1827-1836
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Bouverie 1836-1843
Lieutenant-General Sir Patrick Stuart 1843-1847
Richard More O,Farrall 1847-1851
Major General Sir William Reid 1851-1858
Lt-General John Gaspard Le Merchant 1858-1864
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Storcks 1864-1867
General Sir Patrick Grant 1867-1872
General Sir Charles Van Straubenzee 1872-1878
General Sir Arthur Borton 1878-1884
General Sir Lintorn Simmons 1884-1888
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Torrens 1888-1890
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Smyth 1890-1893
General Sir Arthur Freemantle 1893-1899
Lieutenant-General Lord Grenfell 1899-1903
General Sir Mansfield Clarke 1903-1907
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Grant 1907-1909
General Sir Leslie Rundle 1909-1915
Field-Marshal Lord Methuen 1915-1919
Field Marshal Viscount Plumer 1919-1924
General Sir Walter Congreve 1924-1927
General Sir John du Cane 1927-1931
General Sir David Campbell 1931-1936
General Sir Charles Bonham Carter 1936-1940
Lieutenant-General Sir William Dobbie 1940-1942
Field Marshal Viscount Gort VC 1942-1944
Lieutenant-General Sir Edmond Schreiber 1944-1946
Sir Francis Douglas 1946-1949
Sir Gerald Creasy 1949-1954
Major-General Sir Robert Laycock 1954-1959
Admiral Sir Guy Grantham 1959-1962
Sir Maurice Dorman 1962-1964

Governors-General of Malta
1964 – 1974

Sir Maurice Dorman 1964-1971
Sir Anthony Mamo 1971-1974
The Governors-General were representatives of the British Sovereign in Malta. Constitutionally the Sovereign was recognised as Malta’s Head of State




3 responses to “Governors of Malta

  1. Joe Farrugia

    July 15, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    I am not all that sure my query would interest all that many;however that is beside the point I guess:
    Obviously, I do not know everything, but for that matter I never will anyway. My thought is, why is it that Malta does not appoint a governor although a member of the Commonwealth of Nations? In contrast, Australia appoints a governor and in spite of not being a republic it is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations much like Canada as well as other such countries. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • vassallomalta

      July 15, 2014 at 6:02 pm

      Malta used to appoint a Governor till December 1974 when the Island became a republic. Hence a President is appointed. Malta is a Republic within the Commonwealth. A Governor is appointed to represent the British Monarch when he/she is the head of state of that particular state within the Commonwealth. This is not the case as regards Malta

  2. emmanuel bellizzi

    December 3, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    very interesting and imformative.


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