12 – Sir William Reid

Major General Sir William Reid
1791 – 1858
Governor of Malta 1851-1858

Important dates during his Governorship


Publication of Storia di Malta
by Gio. Antonio Vassallo

Sir William Reid (1791-1858) was a British soldier, administrator, and meteorologist, born at Kinglassie, Fifeshire. He was educated at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, was commissioned lieutenant of engineers in 1809, and in 1810 joined Wellington’s army at Lisbon. In 1815 he participated in Sir Edward Pakenham’s unsuccessful attack on New Orleans and in 1835 commanded a brigade in the British Legion raised by the Queen Regent of Spain. Subsequently Reid served as Governor of the Bermudas (1839–1846), of the British Windward Islands (1846–1848), and of Malta (1851–1858).

He was knighted in 1851 and promoted to major general five years later.

He published An Attempt to Develop the Law of Storms by Means of Facts (1838; third edition, 1850) and The Progress of the Development of the Law of Storms and of the Variable Winds (1849).


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