The Militia List of 1419-20

A new Starting Point for the Study of Malta’s Population

Godfrey Wettinger


It is hardly likely that Maltese history will ever have its Domesday Book providing it with the sort of information on the Middle Ages that it so greatly needs. In fact, however, the Cathedral Museum up at Mdina does possess a number of rather obscure documents, now catalogued as Università ‘Quaderni Diversi’, Nos. 1-18, which have so far been entirely neglected by historians of the calibre of Mgr. A. Mifsud and Professor R. Valentini. A thorough examination and partial transcription of them over the past couple of years have convinced the present writer that between them they contain a wealth of information on the inhabitants of Malta during the fifteenth century, enabling the historian to pursue several hitherto impossible lines of investigation. The main purpose of the present article is to present to the public one of the oldest of these documents. In the light of the evidence it contains one can reach much safer conclusions regarding, among other things, such important matters as the distribution of population in Malta early in the fifteenth century.

imageIt is hardly surprising that all these documents have been overlooked by previous investigators. Most of them consist of lists of names, frequently without title-page and consequently also without any indication of their date. Physically they have a strong general family resemblance – in size, shape, type of paper, and sometimes handwriting as well. Some are dated or easily datable to the early years of the sixteenth century. This might have misled those who, until the opening of the present premises, could only afford to give them the merest cursory glance, into thinking that they all belonged to that part of the sixteenth century.

Fortunately, however, ‘Quaderni Diversi, No. 3’ has managed to preserve its title page intact. Its full title reads: ‘Quaternu factu et ordinatu per li nobili capitaneo et Jurati [et] consiglu per la guardia de la hisula de mauta anni XIII Indicionis’. It consists of a militia list and, in view of its obviously early date and the general scarcity of fifteenth century documents on Malta, its importance and interest should naturally be quite considerable.

imageIn its present state this list is written on forty two numbered folios which have survived at least in part, in addition to the title page which is not numbered. In size it is 11 cms. by 29.7 cms. Page stubs at the end  show that at least eleven whole folios have been cut off, but the folio enumeration proves that none of the folios containing the text is missing entirely. Folio 17 has had its bottom half cut neatly away, apparently without mutilating the text. Folio 42 has had its top two-thirds torn off, and the previous folio has also lost a corner, resulting in the loss of most of the names of the Jewish members of the island’s militia: However, the bottom parts of these folios have survived, with figures showing the number of names on each folio side, so that it is possible to tell exactly how many men went to form the Jewish contingent.

The only sign the title page gives of its date is the Indictional number: the XIIIth Indiction. That it must have been drawn up before 1492 is evident from the fact that in that year the Jews were expelled from Malta. The XIIIth Indictioَn in the fifteenth century fell on the years 1404-05; 1419-20, 1434-35, 1449-50, etc. None of the Desguanez brothers – Angarau, Francisco, Gulielmo, Goffredo – so active in the public life of Malta in the second half of the century – is mentioned in it. Nor is there a mention even of their father Antoni Desguanez, round whom most of the affairs of the island revolved between 1427 and 1457. Instead one finds listed in the militia Misser Francesco Gatto, Antoni’s father-in-law, who died in 1442. [1] Another interesting member of the militia was Johannes Arexula, whose death had by 1446 already been followed by that of his own son and of Petro Busco, successively lords of the fief of Ghajn Tuffieha. [2] The list contains the names of notaries Nicolu Delisula and Antonio Azupardu, known to have been active in the second and third decades of the fifteenth century, [3] as well as that of Ludovico de Plusasco (if, that is, the Misser Luisi in it refers to him, as it must) Plusasco’s widow was able to marry Simon de Mazara in 1429, a fact which would alone be sufficient to rule out any XIIIth Indiction later than 1419-20. [4]

Owing to the general lack of evidence and the nature of the list itself it is much more difficult to be sure that it is not older than 1419-20. An examination of the names of the signatories to the Capituli of 1409 shows that out of twenty names that can be read ten do not appear at all in the  militia list. [5] There might of course be several explanations of this, but it does render it less likely that it belongs to 1404-05 (only five years before) than to 1419-20 (ten years after). This is all the more convincing when one considers that only six out of the forty-six persons whose names appear in a document of 11 February 1421 do not appear in the militia list. [6]


The names of the militia members are arranged simply in a long column down each narrow folio subdivided by name of village or town where they resided. The names are not placed in any apparent order within each place of residence – not by rank or organizational method, nor by alphabetical or other conventional system – but one cannot exclude the possibility that their occurrence reflects the relative location of their homes, e.g. by street or neighbourhood. Certainly the fact that several surnames come in twos and sometimes in threes suggests family groups of adult brothers living in the same home or adjoining houses. Of course, in-laws would not be recognisable in the same way wherever a change of surname took place.

However that may be, the list gives us by far the best evidence so far discovered of the general distribution of the population of Malta so early in the fifteenth century. In that respect there is nothing superior or even equal to it until the later years of the sixteenth century, when the long series of population estimates starts. The militia-men of Malta in 1419-20 were distributed as follows: [7]

Tartarni/Dinkili 40 Zabar 18
Gumerinu 25 Temim Assant 10
Dragu/Gazara/Maricatu 32 Pascualinu 14
Bise/Dimag 33 Johanni/Buzubudi 40
Grigori/Samud 43 Axac 28
Naxaru 92 Gudia 38
Calleja/Musta 62 Sifilani/Gallun 12
Lamanni/Burdi 16 Mitarxen 18
Lia 26 Luca/Farrug 27
Atardu 25 Micabibe 21
Balzan 20 Percopu 16
Bircalcara 89 Safi 18
Capurat 8 Zuricu 61
Curmi 102 Bubakira/Backari 19
Kibir 24 Tabuni 11
Xilok 17 Cuderi 13
Sigeui 81 Zebugi 103
Leu/Carendi 27 Rabat 234
Milleri 14 Civitas (Mdina) 132
Giudecca (Mdina) 58
Total: 1667

It is not easy to estimate what the total of the population then was. The militia list refers only to the adult male population between the ages of sixteen and sixty-five who did not live at Birgu or in Gozo – places which had defence arrangements of their own. It does, however, include all sections of the population except the priests – Christians as well as Jews, farmers, shop-keepers, artisans as well as notaries, landowners and feudal lords. The addition of Birgu would probably bring the total of the whole of Malta up to some 2,000. Women, children and the old would probably bring the figure to some 10,000. A list of the inhabitants of Rabat of the early 1480s gives a total population of both sexes and all ages of 1,381 for that town. [8] A count of the male householders gives some 224 tallying admirably with the 219 men listed under Rabat in a contemporary list apparently concerned with corvee work – locally known as angara. [9] The two figures for Rabat imply that a ratio of 1:6 might be better than one of 1:5 for calculating the total population from such registers.

imageThe total of 1,667 adult males for all Malta (except Birgu) in 1419-20 compares with that of 1,518 males in the angara roll of the 1480s which, however, does not include the men of Zabbar, Temim Assant, Pascualinu, Johanni/Buzubudi, and Axac. The two sets of figures suggest that by the latter date Malta’s population had managed to maintain, or reach again, the size recorded on the earlier date, in spite of the catastrophic Moorish invasion of 1429, which was reputed to have led to the loss of more than 3,000 inhabitants of the two islands, of the plague which followed it, and of ‘the sickness of the throat with a rash’ which carried off some 700 persons in Malta alone in the early 1450s. [10] After 1480 the population seems to have continued to increase steadily, reaching some 20,000 by 1530. [11]

The militia list strongly suggests that even as early as 1419 the northern part of Malta was practically uninhabited. Mellieha and, of course, St. Paul’s Bay are not mentioned, though both Lia and Naxaru each had an inhabitant called Millahi. The most distant villages north of Musta were the three hamlets of Dragu, Maricatu and Gazara, on hill-tops overlooking Burmarrad and Ghajn Rihana. In the same general direction from, but much nearer to, Musta were the two hamlets of Bise (later Pissa or Pessa) and Dimag. North of Rabat one finds Gumerinu (Ghemieri) – in another similar militia list not much later in date associated with Callelia. [12] There was also a village called Samud at Madliena near Gharghur. [13] Musta itself was associated with a village called Calleja (Wied il-Qlejgha?).

Of the fifty settlements listed only nine can be definitely recognised as non-Hal placenames: Naxaru, Musta, Bircalcara, Gudia, Micabibe, Backari, Carendi, Rabat, Civitas (Mdina). Others like Calleja, Gumerinu, Gallun, have been lost for so long that it is impossible to be sure they took the Hal prefix or not. The predominance of the Hal settlements in the distribution of the population of Malta is evident. Much more may be learnt when the complete original meaning and the historical background surrounding the use of the word rahal (the original form of Hal) is known. It should, however, also be remembered that several Hal names do not appear in the list at all: Arrig, Bajjada, Dwin, Far, Fabruni, Ferut, Gawhar, Ginwi, Harrat, Hobla, Manin, Milit, Mula, Musulmeti, Muxi, Pilatu, Qâdi, Qdieri, Ripa, Risqun, Saptan, Sajd, Sajjied, Sejjieh, Spital, Tus, Warda, Xih – all of which are occasionally found preceded by Hal in old documents. Some of them are omitted because they came to form part of larger settlements with another name: e.g. Muxi, Mula and Dwin appear as Zebbug, Hobla, as Musta, Dg as Naxxar.

The distribution of the population proves the extremely rural nature of life in Malta at the time. Mdina and Rabat had a mere 424 men between them, and only if one included the Jewish community living at Mdina. Nothing is known definitely about the size of Birgu, but it is hardly likely to have exceeded that of the other two. The statement still sometimes made that Malta’s population in the Middle Ages was concentrated in the two main centres of Mdina and Birgu could hardly therefore be more incorrect.

Most of the names are preceded by a symbol: o, mu, h, R, -, g, p, fl. The meaning of these symbols is still unknown, except that ‘g’ always stands before the names of persons also described on their right side as ‘Jucularu’, i.e. musician, jongleur; ‘mu’ most probably stands for ‘mastru’, i.e. master-craftsman; ‘fl’ stands for ‘falcuneri’, i.e. falconer. If they should all turn out to be abbreviations of words indicating, even if indirectly, occupation or  status they would provide the social historian with an invaluable means of analysing Maltese society during the Later Middle Ages, a whole century before the coming of the Knights. They do not seem to have any obvious connection with rank, arms or postings.

Most of the ticking-offs and other marks entered to the right of the majority of the names have had to be ignored because they seem to be much later in date than the list of names itself and the symbols on its left. In addition the markings are often of such a nature and so indeterminate than only a photostat copy could reproduce them adequately. However, the entry ‘C 1’ has been preserved. This must indicate which men had or were expected to have a horse or other similar animal. There were altogether 108 of them, distributed as follows:

Tartarni/Dinkili 6 Axac 2
Dragu/Gazara/Maricatu 4 Gudia 4
Grigori/Samud 5 Mitarxen 2
Naxaru 9 Luca/Farrug 1
Calleja/Musta 2 Micabibe 1
Lamani/Burdi 1 Safi 1
Lia 2 Zuricu 2
Atardu 8 Millieri 1
Balzan 4 Leu/Carendi 2
Bircalcara 4 Sigeui 6
Curmi 15 Kibir 4
Zabar 5 Cuderi 1
Temim   Assant 1 Zebugi 5
Pascualinu 2 Rabat 5
Johanni/Buzubudi 7 Civitas   (Mdina) 1

However, if ‘C 1’ meant a horse cavallo, why were the nobles of Mdina not shown as keeping one? This is the sort of difficulty one continually comes across in trying to understand the meaning of such symbols. The explanation, of course, must be that cavalrymen did not then have such a primary importance after all in the battle tactics of the local militia.

Several of the Christian names in the list are usually abbreviated. Some of the more popular names had popular versions, usually truncated forms, e.g. Cola for Nicola, Pinu for Philippu, Masi for Tumasi. Other shortenings of names were made for the sake of speed in writing by the scribe. These he invariably indicates by the normal palaeographical sign. In the present transcription only the second type of abbreviation has been extended, thus:

Gullu into َ Gullielmu Pu into Petru Thu. into Thumeu

Anglu into Angelu Demit into Demitriu

imageThis is perhaps not the best place or occasion to make a thorough study of Christian names in Malta in 1419-20 or later parts of the same century. It should suffice to point out that the list contains some eighty different Christian names, the following being by far the most popular: Antoni (104 examples), Johanni in its various forms (94), Nicolau, Cola, etc. (94), Gullielmu (76), Thumeu (58),Paulu (58), Petru (52), Andrea (47), Pinu (38), Marcu (42), Franciscu (40). Lemu, a popular abbreviation of Gullielmu, appears twenty times. There are several names which would sound very strange today, e.g. Azimundinu (2), Ansaldinu (10), Apostoli (l), Alduinu (2), Carnivali (4), Faruza (1), Livera (1), Leu (1). Omissions are even stranger. There is not a single Carmel, Publius or Joseph among the Christians. In fact, not a single Joseph has yet been found among some 5,000 Christian inhabitants of Malta in the fifteenth century, though several Josephs could be found among the Jews. Grigori and Matheu only have one example each. Jorgi which was to have 34 mentions in the angara list of the 1480s only had 9 in 1419. Blas with 22 occurrences in the 1480s had a mere 3 in 1419. Something could be learnt of popular attitudes to religion by a similar careful analysis of the changing popularity of personal names. [14]

It may be presumed that the Christian names common in Malta during the fifteenth century were identical to the ones then in use in Sicily. The surnames, however, were very different. Belonging, as they did, to an older age, they reflected much more strongly the Semitic strain in the culture of Malta. It should, however, be realized that the common people in their daily life were more prone to use a nickname instead of a surname. The officials who drew up the militia list did not normally record nicknames. They only did so when several persons had exactly the same name and surname, especially if they also lived in the same village. Thus, two of the three men named Gullielmu Mahallif who lived at Birkirkara are distinguished from each other by the addition of their nicknames – Simine, and Miselah. One can see from the other militia list already referred to, that the third Gullielmu Mahallif was popularly known as Haneia (i.e. Hnejja). [15]


In the following transcription of the militia roll of 1419/20 italics have been used for the titles of settlements and for the entries after the names, most of which entries, if not all, were written later than the names. Names, surnames, etc., in square brackets have been added as the result of a comparison with other similar documents mentioned above.

Though the utmost care has been taken, in a work of this nature it would be idle to pretend that all readings are correct. Balzam, e.g., could probably be better rendered as Balzani, and Cunti is doubtful too.


Cathedral Archives, Mdina, Malta, Università, Quaderni Diversi No. 3: ‘Quaternu factu et ordinatu per li nobili capitaneo et Jurati (et or di lu) consiglu per la guardia de la hisula de Mauta anni XIII Indicionis’.





[f.   1] i o   Gullielmu Faruge Mehemer [?]
Capella   sancta dominica tartarni et dinkili o   Gaddu Bartolu
o   Literi Bastianu C   1 o   Angilinu Busajle
o   Ramundu Canchur o   Bertinu Maxita [Total] xv
o   Jakinu Dinkili [f.   2] ii
o   Aguistinu Debonu Casali   Gumerinu
o   Lemu Cumbu C   1 o   Paulu Calimera
o   Randinu Cumbu o   Jorgi Bonavia
m   Rugeri Vella perki est sempri a lu o   Johanni Bartalu
Sigeui o   Salvu Turuntinu
o   Danzu Cunti C   1 o   Antoni Skembri
o   Paulu Faruge C   1 o   Rifaldu de Rifaudu
o   Luca Burasi o   Antoni Zarbutanu C   1
m   Cola Burasi m   Marcu Albanu
o   Muni Valent o   Nardu Turuntinu
m   Jacubinu Zamit m   Manfre Mahaduf
o   Pascualinu Skembri o   Nuzu Cappu
o   Antoni Capu o   Thomeu Dinkille
o   Perellu Xikilune o   Thomeu Canchur
o   Ramundu Faruge –   Antoni Mondune
o   Lemu Bunnichi C   1 o   Franciscu Canchur
–   Andrea Burasi o   Cola Cuzin
o   Pinu Gaugi o   Julianu Mahanuc
o   Paulu Dinkili o   Ximuni Xidi
o   Pinu Bonavia C   1 o   Lemu Bartalu
m   Lenzu Luki o   Philippu Cumbru
o   Manfre Maniuni o   Nardu Fracacheni
o   Thomeu Galata m   Johanni Bunnichi
[Total]   xxv o   Lenzu Chumi
[f.   1v] –   Johanni Frendu
o   Thomeu Fracacheni –   Paulu Albanu
o   Niculachi Bonavia [Total]   xxiiiii
o   Gullielmu Dinkili [f.   2v empty]
o   Deunisi Xikilune [f.3] iii
m   Francisku Luuki Casali   Dragu Gazara et Maritatu
o   Aguistinu Bonavia [or   Maricatu]
g   Marinu Bonavia Jucularu Bringeli   Zumahac C   1
o   Petru Delia o   Baldu Zumahac
o   Paulu Delia Czullu   Xuerib
o   Bernardu Garuf m   Ramundu Gazeli
o   Nardu Tabuni m   Cola Bindinu
m   Marcu Fenec m   Masi Galie
m   Paulu Mahanuc C   1 o   Andrea Galea
o   Johanni Dajona o   Fidericu Xuerib f
m   Fidericu Haiuz   o   Lemu Bartalu
o   Cola Mahanuc o   Micheli Bartalu
o   Andria Chmerri o   Danzu Bartalu
o   Nuzu Mahanuc m   Nuzu Dibonu
o   Madeu di Armanin m   Thomeu Muzangar
R   Lukinu Chumi [Total]   xxiiii
m   Gullielmu Dinkili [f.   4v]
o   Luca Hellul m   Benedittu Lukisi
m   Andrea Fenec m   Nardu Pisan f
o   Marcu Fenec m   Orlandu Galie f
o   Thumasi Zumahac m   Ximuni Mahanuc
o   Franciscu Lukisi m   Paulinu Burgi f
o   Johanni Burgi –   Dominicu Axac
o   Pinu Assant m   Ximuni Burgi
o   Nardu Fenec o   Nuculettu Galie f
–   Johanni Muzangar o   Paulinu Curmi
o   Orlandu Cappu C   1 [Total]   viiii
[Total]   xxv [f.   5] v
f.   3v Casali   Grigori et Samudi
o   Antoni Lifirac m   Johanni Skembri f C   1
m   Luca Bakibac m   Manfre Burgi f
o   Cursu Rifaldi m   Ximuni Burgi scriptu dui fiati
o   Petruzu Cussam m   Anton Seykil f
o   Antoni Chanchu m   Marcu Grecu f
o   Augustinu Frendu m   Salvu Grecu f
m   Micheli Fenec m   Marcu Mahallif f
m   Ximuni Fenec [obliterated] o   Thomeu Mahallif f C   1
[Total]   viii m   Randinu Bertelli
[f.4]   iii o   Jakinu Vassaldi C   1
Casali   Bise et Dimag m   Franciscu Buhaiar f
Niculozu   Lukisi Rundunu m   Pini Vasaldi f
o   Antoni Samud f m   Janinu Maniuni
m   Julianu Mifsud m   Dimitriu Curmi f
m   Gulielmu Maltisi f m   Bringeli Maniuni
o   Paulu Maltis o   Marinu Saykil C   1
o   Johanni Axac f o   Lippu Meze f
o   Gintil Axac –   Bringeli Bakibac
o   Andrea Bartalu Palac f m   Thumeu Xiberasi f
o   Lenzu Sejkil f m   Ximuni Gaudixi f
o   Johanni Bartalu o   Mariu Vella f
o   Paulu Hellul m   Dimitriu Chilie f
o   Ximuni Turuntinu m   Bartolomeo Hayculina f
mu   Thumasi Buhaiar f o   Dimitriu Bezine f
m   Salvu Buhaiar f m   Pinu Grecu f
o   Antoni Fenec R   Antoni Xeberasi f C   1
o   Grigori Axac f m   Chullu Cheffut f
[Total]   xxvii m   Gullielmu Samud f
[f.   5v] m   Benedittu Daiona f
m   Andrea Chilia m   Johanni Samud f
m   Dardu Seykil f o   Alusji Frendu
o   Andrea Seykil f    Paulinu   Camilleri f
m   Thumeu Buhaiar f [Total]
m   Marcu Bartalu f [f.   6v]
o   Fidericu Seykil f m   Salvu Curmi f
o   Salvaturi Vassaldi m   Salvu Millahi
o   Manfre Bezine f m   Masi Bertelli
m   Bartolomeu Bezine f m   Julianu Cumbu f
m   Niculinu Zejne f o   Gullielmu Gaudixi f
m   Pacualinu Xeberasi f o   Antoni Hantuse
o   Cola Buhaiar m   Micheli Xerri
m   Burdinu Samud o   Perellu Gaudixi
m   Angilu Galata f o   Aguistinu Busitin f
o   Parisi Spiteri m   Marcu Dilia
R   Paulinu Saccu m   Andrea Xeberasi f
m   Baldu Chumi o   Petruzu Xeberasi
[Total]   xvii m   Paulu Vella f
[f.   16] o   Gullielmu Samudi f
Casali   Naxaru Leu   Mifsud in Sicilia
m   Dimitriu Haiuz m   Nardu Chumi
o   Ximuni Bartalu f m   Manfre Chumi
m   Jacubu Deyf f m   Paulinu Frendu
o   Nardu Vassald o   Ximuni Xeberasi
o   Niculettu Assant f m   Signuri Mifsudi f
m   Mariu Buhaiar o   Gullielmu Camilleri f C   1
m   Luca Deyf m   Benedittu Samudi f
o   Antoni Cauki f C   1 –   Johanni Spanu
o   Andrea Bartalu f C   1 o   Fidericu Daiona f C   1
o   Laurenzu Xebirasi o   Luca Daiona f
o   Ximuni Cumbu f o   Carnivali Daiona
m   Perellu Samud o   Andrea Cuskeri
o   Ximuni Mifsud m   Thumeu Skembri
o   Aluysi Seykil f m   Bertinu Dilia
o   Gullielmu Haiuz f m   Randinu Damiata f C   1
m   Muni Haiuz f [Total]   xxx
m   Marcu Samud f C   1 [f.   7] vii
m   Lenzu Frendu f m   Masi Dilia
o   Johanni Frendu [oblit.] m   Frankinu Farmusa
scriptu   dui fiati o   Niculinu Curmi
m   Arrigu Xerri o   Rugeri Buni
o   Thumeu Cauki m   Cataldu Seykil
m   Arrigu Mifsud o   Chiccu Burgi f
o   Niculozu Habejr o   Andrea Fauzuni
m   Ramundu Bertelli C   1 fl.o   Paulu Busitin falcuneri
m   Lanza Bertelli o   Nuzu Curmi f
o   Carnivali Bertelli f C   1 mu   Carnivali Buhaiar f
mu   Johanni Buhaiar f m   Bernardu Camilleri f
m   Chamisi Saccu f m   Ximuni Camilleri f
R   Lanza Saccu C   1 m   Gamusu Haleu
m   Fidericu Zammit [Total]   xxvii
m   Petru Busitin [f.   8] viii
RJohanni   Mahali di Jornu f o   Aguistinu Camilleri f
Gullielmu   Buhaiar f m   Fidericu Busitin f
–   Deunisi Zumahac f m   Andrea Dinkille f
o   Philippu Bertelli o   Paulu Galie
m   Petru Skembri f o   Cola Hakim
m   Angilinu Xebirasi f o   Stefanu Hakim
m   Andrea Xerri o   Gullielmu Bindinu f
m   Randinu Xerri m   Pascalinu Cagege f
m   Bertinu Camilleri f o   Antoni Galie f
m   Antoni Camilleri f o   Thumeu Cuzin
m   Paulu Calleja o   Micheli Gristi f
m   Marcu Calleja o   Johanni Dibonu
o   Laurenzu Kiticuti o   Nuzu Camenzuli
m   Mannu Bartalu m   Ximuni Cumbu
m   Franciscu Gaudixi f m   Gulinu Guaractu
m   Baldu Samud f o   Jacubu Cumbu
m   Jakinu Spiteri o   Gullielmu Zarur f
[Total]   xxviiiiiii o   Lichardu Bartulu
[f.   7v] o   Luca Calleja
Casali   Calleya et Musta o   Gaddu Calleja C   1
o   Micheli Felu m   Niculozu Calleja
o   Muni Felu m   Muni Camenzuli
m   Ximuni Maltisi f o   Randinu Bartalu
o   Nardu Burasi f o   Antoni Muzangar
m   Luca Daiona f o   Gullielmu Cagege
o   Ximuni Bertelli f m   Johanni Mahanuc
m   Salvu Pisanu f o   Brancatu Curmi
m   Angelu Dinkille f –   Aluysi Spiteri
o   Jacubu Calleja f Sumi   [or Sunu] Fenec
o   Thumeu Fenec f [Total]   xxviii
o   Antoni Chumi f [f.   8v]
o   Deunisi Xeberasi Casali   Lamann et Burdi [obliterated]
m   Bernardu Lukisi o   Burdinu Camilleri f
o   Johanni Calafatu o   Antoni Axac f
o   Chiccu Galie m   Fidericu Xikilune
o   Nuzu Spiteri o   Custanzu Xikilune
o   Julianu Chakim m   Aguistinu Xikilune f C   1
m   Culajta Xerri o   Andrea Camilleri
o   Jakinu Hajculina m   Francisku Bartalu
m   Marcu Bindin Casali   Lamanni et Burdi
o   Antoni Muzangar f o   Paulu Germanu f C   1
o   Gullielmu Haleu o   Fidericu Zamit
m   Mariu Bartalu o   Laurenzu Zamit f
o   Rugeri Bisitin f o   Arrigu Zumahac f
o   Custanzu Parnisi mu   Johanni Dibonu f
o   Baldazar Haiuz o   Johanni Haiuz C   1
o   Zagamuri Cuskeri m   Angelu Sapian
m   Liuni Xuereb    o   Antoni di Bonu
m   Lenzu Laman o   Petru Natalia
o   Marinu Saccu m   Ramundu Burgi f C   1
o   Petru Bugeya f –   Thumeu Azupardu C   1
o   Thumeu Lamannu f –   Masi Atardu C   1
o   Manfre Kiticuti m   Johanni Mici
o   Micheli Vassald o   Antoni Pisanu C   1
m   Angelu Galie o   Rugeri Calleja
o   Francu Muscat m   Lanza Caldes
[Total]   xxiii [Total]   xvii
[f.9]   viiii [f.   10] x
Casali   Lia o   Nardu Kercheppu
m   Thumeu Bunichi f o   Andrea Hakim
–   Pinu Attardu f C   1 m   Antoni Azupardu
o   Jacubu Chilia o   Marinu Dibonu
o   Palmeri Millahi o   Thumeu Atardu C   1
o   Franciscu Galter f o   Angilu Atardu
o   Nuzu Cassar f o   Thumeu Randun
m   Petru Vella o   Johanni Randun
–   Luca Galter f Casali   Balzan
m   Nuzu Pisanu f C   1 o   Martinu Muzangar
o   Randinu Vassaldi o   Antoni Samudi
o   Bernardu Vassaldi Pinu   Bindinu
o   Paulu Mahallif f Mannu   Bindinu
o   Johanni Samud o   Bertinu Delfe
o   Andrea Hahallif o   Perellu Cadide
o   Bernardu Muscat f m   Jacubinu Ponzu
o   Masi Xuerib o   Cholu Mifsud
m   Gullielmu Bertelli o   Franciscu Mifsud C   1
m   Salvu Bindinu m   Jorgi Mifsud C   1
m   Cola Curmi m   Petru Zarbu
m   Jorgi Vella f C   1 o   Marcu Zarbu
–   Gullielmu Vella f C   1 m   Paulu Mahallif
o   Marcu Vella f m   Bertinu Ponzu
o   Alduinu Fracacheni –   Fidericu Vella C   1
m   Cholu Bindin o   Benedittu Pisanu
m   Andrea Mahallif [Total]   xxiiii
m   Bundu Bindinu a lu Castellu [f.   10v]
[Total]   xxvi –   Arigu de Bonannu
[f.   9v] o   Orlandu Axac C   1
Casali   Atardu m   Petru Hili
–   Manfre Dibonu C   1 o   Mariu Farmusa
m   Janinu Dibonu [Total]   iiii
–   Benedittu Atardu C   1 [f.   11] xi
o   Cola Atardu Casali   Bircalcara
m   Aguistinu Kiticuti m   Petru Bunnichi
o   Andrea Mifsud m   Salvaturi Mahallif
m   Pinu Xebirasi o   Gullielmu Mahallif
o   Pinu Haiuz m   Pinu Sillatu
m   Paulu Bunnichi m   Giliu Cassar
Antoni   Fenec C   1 m   Brandu Skembri
m   Baldu Fenec C   1 m   Antoni Zarbu
o   Ansaldinu Burgi m   Custanzu Calafat
m   Bernardu Burgi m   Orlandu Lamannu
o   Micheli Burgi gazzuni m   Chiccu Frandu
m   Alduynu Zarbu o   Mannu Rifacanu C   1
m   Pinu Skembri m   Thumeu Lukisi
o   Marcu Luuki m   Baldu Seykil
o   Cola Lukisi m   Gullielmu Samud
o   Gullielmu Mahallif simine m   Antoni Albaymu
o   Aguistinu Gutaje [Total]   xxx
o   Paulinu Skembri C   1 [f.   12] xii
m   Lemu Skembri m   Cola Kiticuti
m   Cola Muxi m   Marcu Lukisi
mu   Gullielmu Mifsud R   Thumasu Lukisi C   1
m   Bernardu Haiuz m   Niculozu Burgi
m   Brandu Mifsud o   Benedittu Mifsud
m   Martinu Lukisi o   Dimitriu Hanchellu
m   Bernardu Mifsud m   Julianu Consiglu
m   Petruzu Bartalu m   Petru Zirenzu
o   Demitriu Daiona o   Gerardu Mifsud
m   Gullielmu Daiona m   Gullielmu Mahallif miselah
o   Ansaldinu Curmi m   Ramundu Consiglu
o   Jacubu Ristainu a Santu Eramu o   Marinu Saccu
m   Cellu Felu m   Mariu Burgi
–   Paulu Ellule vechu o   Laurenzu Burgi
m   Jacubu Mahallif o   Salvu Burgi
[Total]   xxxi o   Cola Mifsud
[f.   11v] m   Julianu Axac
m   Petru Calleja m   Antoni Xeberasi
m   Jakinu Bezina m   Manfre Xeberasi
m   Niculozu Mahallif o   Frankinu Burgi
m   Bernardu Mahallif m   Gerardu Mahallif
m   Fidericu Samud m   Cola Burgi
m   Nellu Cassar m   Mariu Calleja
m   Blasi Cassar m   Jacobinu Mahallif
m   Bergu [?] Pachi m   Deunisi Habeir
o   Petruzu Balzam m   Manfre Kiticuti
m   Luca Ponzu m   Randinu Bonavia
m   Laurenzu Lukisi [Total]   xxvii
m   Mariu Ponzu [f.   12v empty]
o   Jacobinu Burgi C   1 [f.   13] xiii
m   Salvu Parnisi Casali   Capurat
o   Alujsi Cassaldi o   Laurenzu Mahallif
m   Laurenzu Zirenzu m   Fidericu Calleja
m   Filib Calleja C   1 mu   Johanni Balzam
o   Petru Azupardu m   Thumeu Azupardu
o   Antoni Zrejra a Santu Eramu o   Lukinu Fauzini
m   Pinu Grecu   m   Lukinu Galata
m   Cola Calleja o   Laurenzu de Laurenzu
g   Pinu Haxixe Jucularu m   Gualteri de Laurenzu
[Total]   viii o   Bundu Cadus
[f.   13v empty] m   Manfre Fauchellu
[f.   14] xiiii m   Thumeu Staferagi
Casali   Curmi m   Paulu Cadus
m   Johanni Atardu m   Andrea Camenzuli
m   Nardu Felu C   1 m   Nardu Curmi
o   Johanni Felu m   Lenzi Cassar
m   Fidericu Fauzuni C   1 m   Ansaldinu Anna [?]
R   Dominicu Bonavia C   1 m   Carnivali Muscat C   1
o   Aguistinu Caruana m   Antoni Grecu
m   Bernardu Haiuz o   Thumeu Bonavia
o   Palmeri Galata o   Gullielmu Curmi
m   Cola Skembri o   Nardu Cuzin
m   Nuzu Skembri m   Andrea Cuzin
m   Antoni Spiteri m   Antoni Grecu
fl   Petru de Nardu m   Nardu Grecu
m   Petruzu Camenzuli o   Manfre Grecu
o   Bernardu Camenzuli [Total]   xxxviiii
o   Pinu Mule [f.   15] xv
o   Zagari Carduna o   Angelinu Frendu
m   Ansaldinu Vella o   Thumeu Cassar
m   Aguistinu Cassar m   Paulinu Skembri
m   Bertinu Bigeni o   Muni Fauzuni
m   Laurenzu Debonu m   Benedittu Camilleri
m   Paulinu Debonu o   Manfre Consiglu
o   Dominicu Bunnichi o   Marcu de Laurenczu C   1
m   Antoni Skembri o   Niculozu de Laurenczu
o   Dominicu Azupardu m   Manfre Saccu
m   Fidericu Skembri m   Cola Muscat
m   Rayneri Skembri o   Pascualinu Xebirasi C   1
m   Niculachi Kiticuti –   Januzu Skembri C   1
o   Frankinu Zamit m   Lemu Caldes
o   Randinu Camenzuli o   Fidericus Chantar C   1
m   Cola Camenzuli o   Rugeri Cunti
fl   o Johanni de Narda Kastellu m   Manfre Zamit
[Total]   xxxi m   Bernardu Zamit
[f.   14v] m   Petru Camilleri
m   Micheli Balzam m   Rugeri Fauzuni
m   Benedittu Balzam o   Pericuni Caldes
m   Johanni Fauzuni o   Pachi Balzam
m   Frankinu Felu m   Benedittu Fauzuni
o   Thumasi Fauzuni m   Marcu Anna [?] C   1
m   Johanni Delia o   Andrea Maniuni
m   Chiccu Sckembri C   1 o   Antoni de Burdinu
o   Antoni Fauzuni C   1 m   Thumeu Azupardu
o   Franciscu Zamit m   Johanni Caruana cum fanchyulliri
[Total]   xxvii    –   Jacobu Spitali
[f.   15v] m   Micheli Muhumudi
o   Cola Haiuz C   1 [Total]   x
Antoni   Cassar C   1 [f.   7] xvii
m   Fidericu Debonu Casali   Pascualinu
m   Micheli Grecu m   Masi Randun
m   Laurenzu Skembri C   1 o   Gualteri Calleja
m   Fidericu Fauchellu o   Verani [?] Pachi
m   Chiccu Fauchellu m   Johanni Bunichi
o   Luppu Caruana C   1 o   Cola Boj
Luca   Cassar C   1 C   Perricun Faruge C   1
Lemu   Cassar m   Pinu Faruge
o   Johanni Xara o   Gullielmu Vella
m   Nuzu Cunti mortu C   Burdinu Pachi C   1
o   Aguistinu Felu m   Azimundinu Pachi
m   Andrea Grima m   Marinu Pachi
m   Agustinu Balzam m   Duminicu Feraru
[Total]   xiiii o   Aluysi Pachi
[f.   6] xvi m   Jayme Haleue
Casali   Zabar [Rest   cut off; f17v blank]
m   Antoni Mullica [f.   18] xviii
o   Paulu Mahallif C   1 Casali   Johanni et Buzubudi
m   Andrea Barbara C   1 o   Frankinu Cunti
o   Micheli Cuskeri C   1 o   Thumeu Tabuni
m   Cola Caraze o   Antoni Faruge C   1
m   Jufrè Zabar m   Selinu Cassar
o   Johanni de Agusta o   Falcu Cassar
m   Blasiu Zayra C   Salvu Zrejra C   1
o   Janinu Bunnichi m   Marcu Cassar
m   Bringeli de Agusta m   Jakinu de Bonu
m   Burdinu Pulisi o   Ramundu Pachi
m   Bringeli Baldakin o   Cola Cahalun
m   Aguistinu Baldakin o   Laurenczu Muhumud
o   Thumeu Kercheppu o   Andrea Pachi C   1
m   Angelinu Kercheppu m   Gullielmu Vella
o   Mundu Calafat C   1 m   Ansaldinu Vella
o   Marcu Bunichi o   Laurenczu Vella
R   Cataldu Barru C   1 m   Stainu de la Barba
[Total]   xviii m   Franciscu Muhumud
[f.   16v] o   Andrea Said
Casali   Temim assant m   Chiccu Pulis
m   Jakinu de la Barba m   Thumeu Calleja
m   Giliu Staferagi o   Aguistinu Busitin C   1
o   Andrea Staferagi m   Micheli Maniuni
m   Pinu Caruana R   Antoni Delia C   1
C   Antoni Muhumudi C   1 m   Andrea Kerfixi
m   Bertinu Zarier o   Benedittu Deyf C   1
o   Paulu Vella m   Johanni Pulis
[Total]   xxvii    [Total]   ii
[f.   18v] [f.20]xx
o   Marcu Busitin Casali   Gudia
m   Paulu Bunellu o   Paulu Vella
o   Bernardu Pulisi m   Orlandu Vella
o   Venchi Muhumudi m   Antoni Vella
m   Puchu Vella o   Thumeu Buturra
o   Deunisi Baldakin o   Nardu Buturra C   1
m   Luca Mahallif C   1 o   Peri Vella C   1
m   Antoni Bezine o   Mainettu Vella
–   Johanni Muhumud m   Pinu Vella
m   Antoni Kerfixi o   Manfre Vella
m   Johanni Blancu o   Cataudu Vella
o   Luca Harabi o   Gullielmu Bonavia
m   Paulu Kerfixi m   Gullielmu Cuzin
[Total]   xiii o   Janinu Spiteri
[f.19]xviiii m   Randinu Vella
Casali   Axac m   Jakinu Vella
m   Cola Vella o   Jumia [? Jumaria] Barbara C   1
o   Dimitriu Vella m   Thumeu Hili
o   Salvu Vella o   Franchinu Bunichi
m   Lenzu Axac –   Nuzu Hili
o   Dimitriu Buhaiar m   Pinu Cassar
m   Cola Firaru o   Paulu Barbara
o   Cataldu Muhumud o   Pericuni Pachi
o   Cola Pulisi o   Antoni Buturra C   1
m   Lagu Deyf o   Peri Hellul
o   Cola Deyf –   Pinu Ricupru
m   Marcu Gristi o   Antoni Saccu
m   Antoni Baldakin o   Masi Saccu
m   Gaddu Dejf [Total]   xxvii
m   Fidericu Dejf [f.   20v]
m   Antoni Buhaiar o   Dominicu Heris
m   Julianu Fitien C   1 m   Culaita Galata
o   Masi Cassar o   Marius Spitali
m   Johanni Pachi m   Thumeu Canzuhuk
m   Dominicu Hili o   Mariu Pachi
m   Dominicu Cassar C   1 o   Bringeli Pachi
m   Antoni Galata m   Jacobinu Pachi
Gerardu   di Franza o   Jorgi Mullica
m   Gullielmu Deyf o   Dimitriu Cassar
m   Antoni Cassar o   Franciscu Cassar [1]
m   Ansaldinu Axac –   Fabianu Mullica
o   Gullielmu Sigir [Total]   xi
[Total]   xxvi [f.   21] xxi
[f.   19v] Casali   Sifilani et Gallicu [or   Gallun]
o   Franciscu Zamit o   Luca Pulluchinu
m   Deunisi Pulluchin o   Danzu Mallia
m   Micheli Mullica o   Ximuni Zamit
m   Andrea Caruana –   Andrea Multianni
o   Santoru Caruana m   Benedittu Cagege
o   Micheli Cuzin   o   Salvu Cagege
m   Salvu Zarur o   Cola de lu Bagliu
m   Gullielmu Dejf o   Ximuni Consiglu
m   Manfre Galata o   Ramundu Zayra
Johanni   Grecu in Sichilia m   Thumeu Multianni
m   Aguistinu Brancat Castellu o   Luppu Vella
m   Gullielmu Cabur o   Luppu Cadus
[Total]   xii g   Antoni Haxixe Jucularu
[f.   21v] m   Nuzu Buiubbe
Casali   Mitarxen [Total]   xxvii
o   Peri Muscat [f.   22v]
o   Andrea Muscat Casali   Micabibe
o   Antoni Skembri o   Niculuzu Faruge Keilis
m   Dominicu Kercheppu o   Ximuni Faruge
o   Andrea Dejf o   Niculozu Faruge
o   Jufre Grecu m   Gullielmu Xikulune
m   Paulu Grecu m   Baldu Xikulune xiriha
C   Marcu Mahallif C   1 o   Luca Xiriha
o   Nicolau Cassar C   1 o   Franciscu Vella
o   Chiccu Bunnichi C   1 o   Philippu Gaudixi C   1
–   Bundu Mahallif o   Johanni Gaudixi
m   Manfre Barbara o   Mariu Barbara
o   Johanni Baytaye m   Gullielmu Barbara
Bernardu   Grima in Sichilia o   Cola Gaudixi
o   Vincenti Bunichi o   Ximuni Tunne
C   Micheli de lu Vechu C o   Johanni Tunne
–   Mariu Muscat o   Aguistinu Tunne
o   Nuzu Maniuni o   Ximuni de lu Vechu
[Total]   xciii o   Johanni de lu Vechu
[f.   22] xxii o   Fidericu Faruge
Casali   Luca et Farug o   Cola Faruge
o   Culajta Cuzin o   Marcu Xidi
m   Luca Mallia o   Petru Xekilune
o   Thumeu de Bonu [Total]   xxi
o   Franciscu Pulluchinu [f.   23] xxiii
o   Johanni Grima Casali   Percopu
mu   Nundu Percopu C   1 o   Laurenzu de Luchia
m   Cola Barbara m   Paulu Pachi
o   Jacobinu Skembri m   Luppu Hellulm
o   Jannari del gamuri m   Niculuzu Xintil
m   Luca Galata g   Antoni Bertolli Jucularu
o   Angilinu Galata m   Pinu Percopu
o   Pinu Delia o   Paulu Dorbes
o   Masi de Bonannu m   Fidericu Hellul
m   Ximuni Xerri o   Bertinu Axac C   1
m   Jorgi Cagege Antoni   Calabachi
m   Lanza Haiuz o   Andrea Zajra
o   Bernardu Habdille o   Chiccu de lu Chantru
o   Orlandu Maniuni o   Gullielmu Staferagi
m   Thumeu Percopu o   Mariu Busitin C   1
m   Marcu Vella    Antoni   Callus f
m   Gullielmu Kercheppu o   Petruzu Callus f
[Total]   xvi m   Antoni Faruge
[f.   23v] m   Luca Zamit
Casali   Safi [Total]   xxvii
o   Partu Busaile [f.   24v]
m   Paulu Xiriha m   Mariu Faruge
m   Aguistinu Vella o   Micheli Galata f
o   Antoni Azupardu o   Aguistinu Heleu
m   Orlandu Azupardu o   Mariu Cusman f
m   Laurenzu Faruge o   Chiccu de Armanin f
m   Cola Zamit o   Pinu de Armaninu
m   Julianu Cahalun m   Aguistinu Zaira
o   Pinu Caruana C   1 m   Antoni Galata
m   Niculozu Xiriha o   Antoni Axac
m   Pinu Zamit C m   Marcu Baldakin
m   Zimundinu Axac m   Mariu Zamit
o   Dimitriu Camilleri m   Bringeli Cumbu
m   Gullielmu Zamit m   Danzu Hili
o   Johanni Zamit m   Gulinu Cahalun
m   Salvu Hellul m   Lenzu Cahalun
R   Johanni Fauzuni o   Thumeu Faruge
m   Gulinu Fauzuni o   Randinu Zamit
[Total]   xviii o   Micheli Nuar
[f.   24] xxiii fl   o Luca Cusman
Casali   Zuricu o   Manfre de Palermu
o   Masi Calabru f m   Johanni Gaudixi
o   Gullielmu Faruge m   Cola Zamit
m   Johanni Faruge o   Marcu Spiteri
m   Nardu Zamit m   Bernardu Spiteri
m   Chiccu Busaile m   Thumeu Habdille
m   Andrea Cahalun o   Thumeu de Palermu
m   Orlandu Cagege [Total]   xxvi
m   Johanni Deyf [f.   25] xxv
o   Paulu Zamit m   Manfre Busaile
m   Johanni Zamit f Johanni   de lu Chantru
o   Luppu Busaile o   Demetriu Cassune f
fl   o Chiccu Cusmanu m   Giliu Spiteri
o   Niculachi Zamit f m   Bertinu Farmusa f
m   Pinu Pachi m   Cataldu Zamit
m   Signuri Calleja f m   Simege [?] Axac mortu
o   Antoni Calleja f m   Cola Stafiragi
m   Frankinu Mahallif f
Casali   Bubakira et Backari m   Bernardu Delfe
o   Marinu Galata m   Cola Gugla f
o   Pinu Spiteri o   Cola Hajede
m   Lickerdu Cassar m   Perricuni Bugeja f C   1
m   Antoni Cuskeri m   Cannu Spiteri
m   Ximuni Zamit m   Cola Maniuni
o   Arrigu Azupardu m   Antoni Maniuni
m   Bernardu Cahalun o   Thumeu Habdille
m   Paulu Staferagi   o   Gualteri Actasi
o   Gulinu Baldakin m   Bernardu Bugeja
m   Randinu Curmi m   Perellu Bugeja
m   Marcu Cahalun m   Antoni Bugeja
m   Antoni Saccu m   Marcu Bunichi
m   Johanni Gaudixi m   Fidericu Cagege
o   Mariu Galata m   Ramundu Habdille
o   Petruzu Hellul o   Custanzu Consiglu
o   Alsaldinu Faruge R   Pinu Habdille
[Total]   xxiiii Andria   Maniuni f
[f.   25v] [Total]   xxvi
o   Pinu Galata [f.   26v empty]
m   Masi Bugeja [f.   27] xxvii
o   Marinu Zamit Casali   Sigeui
Casali   Milleri o   Ansaldinu Butigegi
o   Marcianu Deyf f –   Randinu Tabuni C   1
o   Franciscu Tunne cum li parri f o   Andrea Butigegi
o   Antoni Hellul –   Laurenzu Gaudixi
m   Manfre Hellul f o   Johanni Xara
m   Culajta Axac m   Paulu Bugeja
m   Micheli Axac o   Gaddu Garuf
o   Johanni Gaudixi o   Gullielmu Baytaje
m   Antoni Faruge m   Marcu Casar
m   Guglotta Faruge f C   1 m   Masi Casar
m   Micheli Zammit o   Pascualinu Bugeja
o   Micheli Tunne et figlu f o   Muni Xara
m   Vincenti Hakim o   Culayta Bugeja
o   Jakinu Zamit m   Marcu Farruge
m   Johanni Zamit o   Nuzu Busaile
[Total]   xvii g   Bernardu Faruge Jucularu
[f.   26] xxvi m   Benedittu Azupardu
Casali   Leu et Carendi m   Giliu Azupardu
o   Chiccu Camilleri f m   Luca Xintil
m   Cola Habdille m   Giliu Cunti
o   Micheli Camilleri f m   Gullielmu Staferagi
m   Aguistinu Calabru o   Luppu Gristi C   1
m   Salvu Busalib a lu Sigeui m   Chiccu Bugeja C   1
m   Nuzu Busalib m   Natu Azupardu
m   Chuchi Cassar f m   Masi Cakie
o   Johanni Habedi C   1 o   Brancatu Haiculina
m   Franciscu Maniuni f m   Luppu Xara
[Total]   xxvii m   Nardu Brancat
[f.   27v] o   Petru Tabuni
m   Antoni Maniuni m   Giliu Bugeja
m   Arrigu Maniuni m   Martinu Xara
m   Johanni Vella m   Johanni Busalib
o   Lanza Vella o   Deunisi Zurafe
m   Pinu Skembri –   Petruzu Tunne
o   Antoni Brancat C   1 o   Tuchi Cafor
m   Cola Tabuni –   Vincenti Multianni
m   Jorgi Galata    [Total]   xxvii
o   Gullielmu Bugeja orbu tristu [f.   28v]
–   Ximuni Xikilune Casali   Xiloc
m   Frankinu Xara m   Laurenzu Bertelli
m   Niculozu Zurafe m   Thumeu Bertelli
m   Johanni Xikilune m   Johanni Mallia
m   Cola Azupardu g   Andrea Bertelli Jucularu
–   Rugeri Azupardu mu   Manfre Dinkili
m   Luca Actasi o   Gullielmu Lukisi
–   Antoni Tabuni lancie o   Danzu Cunti scriptu dui fiati
–   Gullielmu Tabuni o   Mariu de lu Chantru
mu   Jorgi Skilune o   Lenzu Butigegi
–   Cola Meheri o   Deunisi Duhamuri
o   Luppu Parnisi m   Frankinu Vella
m   Thumeu Tabuni C   1 m   Marcu Vella
o   Gullielmi Camilleri m   Deunisi Azupardu
o   Johanni Camilleri o   Deunisi Buzellu
o   Janettu Cafor o   Cola Tunne
o   Gullielmu Gactu o   Pinu Tunne
o   Nuzu Gattu m   Thumeu Xara C   1
[Total]   xxvii o   Nardu Dalli
[f.   28] xxviii [Total]   xviii
m   Gullielmu Staferagi [f.   29] xxviiii
o   Jaquinu Muhumudi Casali   Kibir
o   Julianu Muhumudo o   Culajta Faruge
o   Gullielmu Bugeja m   Cataldu Xara
o   Azimundinu Cafor m   Masi Pachi
o   Randinu Vella R   [?] Lemu Said
–   Petruzu Faruge m   Johanni Skembri
m   Partuchu Brancat m   Guillelmu Mahallif
–   Lenzu Maltisi o   Muni Grecu
o   Luca Luuki m   Mariu Hauchellu
–   Johanni Tabuni m   Cola Axac
–   Marcu Tabuni C   1 m   Angilu Skembri
m   Thumeu Cakie fl.   o Castellanu de Bonannu C   1
m   Johanni Casar fl.   o Albanu Sayd C   1
o   Ingau Vella mortu –   Johanni Bonannu
o   Bertinu Debeb m   Antoni Haiede
m   Rugeri Axac m   Pinu Damiata
m   Mattu Curmi o   Chuni Xara C   1
m   Salvu Bertelli –   Marinu Fauzuni
fl.   o Thumeu Xara –   Fidericu Fauzuni
m   Orlandu Xara C   1 m   Antoni Percopu
o   Ximuni Percopu o   Gullielmu de Burdinu
o   Antoni Haiculina –   Bartholu Muscat
o   Ganu Hafarida –   Mannu Frendu
o   Micheli Chumi –   Bertu Calafatu
o   Gullielmu Xara o   Thumasi Curmi
[Total]   xxiiii –   Cola de Catania
[f.   29v] o   Johanni Zuski
Casali   Tabuni o   Masi Muscat
o   Jacobinu Canchur   m   Nardu Muscat
m   Rugeri Bunichi o   Chiccu Sejkil
o   Cola Faruge –   Tumasi Pachi
o   Marcu Burgi m   Paulu Faruge
o   Deunisi Barru –   Antoni Bigeni
o   Albanu Cumbu o   Ximuni Sejkil
o   Antoni Tabuni –   Jacubu Cuzin
m   Ximuni Skembri [Total]   xxv
m   Marcu Skembri [f.   31v]
m   Randinu Burgi o   Pinu Fracacheni
–   Paulu Cumbru –   Cola Gristi
[Total]   xi o   Johanni Murkie
[f.   30] xxx –   Lemu de Burdinu
Casali   Cuderi o   Rugeri Zumahac
–   Petru Xeriha o   Antoni Bunnichi
–   Mariu Skembri o   Nicolau Faruge
mu   Lenzu Calafat –   Dardu Zurki
–   Manfre Calafat C   1 o   Julianu Zumahac
o   Johanni Vassaldi o   Gullielmu Zumahac
o   Lanza Maniuni o   Arrigu Cassar per Philippu Cumbu
m   Cola Cadusi o   Frankinu Frendu
o   Martinu de Bonannu o   Marcu Frendu
–   Antoni Vassadi [sic] o   Antoni Muscat
o   Pinu Bugeja o   Benedittu Dulzamuri
–   Masi Sillatu o   Nuzu Cuzin
o   Antoni Rippullu m   Lanza Farmusa
–   Luca Xara C   1 m   Fidericus Burasi
[Total]   xiii o   Gullielmu Farmusa
[f.   30v empty] o   Dardu Curmi
[f.   31] xxxi o   Julianu Frendu
Casali   Zebugi o   Gullielmu Cubie
o   Frankinu Mule o   Rugeri Cubie
m   Stefanu Mule C   1 o   Salvu Maniuni
o   Johanni Xulejbeni C   1 o   Pinu Farmusi C   1
o   Jacubu Cubie o   Dardu Farmusa
o   Luca Curmi o   Gullielmu Maniuni
o   Johanni Bigeni [Total]   xxvii
o   Frankinu Bigeni [f.   32] xxxii
o   Gulinu Xikilune o   Mardu [sic] Dalli
o   Lemu Curmi –   Fidericu Haleu
o   Thumeu Xulejbeni o   Johanni Mahallif
o   Fidericu Curmi –   Marcu Pachi
mu   Lemu Dimag [Total]   xxiii
o   Lanza Bigeni [f.   33v empty]
o   Petruzu Bigeni [f.   34] xxxiiii
m   Johanni Maniuni Rabat  
o   Jacobinu Grima o   Benedittu de Ales
mu   Marcu Maniuni p   Paulu Zumahac serviens
mu   Cola Bigeni –   Benedittu Balderi
mu   Vencenti Burgi    p   Johanni Massu
m   Nuzu Murkie –   Paulu Capu
o   Cola Xikiluni p   Jakinu Skembri
–   Ansaldinu Gutaye –   Ximuni Cassari
mu   Chiccu Dimag p   Antoni Zumahac
o   Antoni Habdille p   Benedittu Dub
–   Masi Harabi C   1 –   Bartholomeu Luuki
o   Luca Burgi m   Bernardu Capu
mu   Gullielmu Bunnichi –   Antoni de Franciscu
mu   Julianu Butigegi o   Randinu Fauchellu
o   Orlandu Harabi –   Perellu Puc [?]
o   Franciscu Fauzuni o   Lenzu Samud
o   Mariu Curmi o   Danzu Ribis mortu
o   Jacobinu Azupardu o   Ansaldinu Ribis
o   Pascualinu Tabuni –   Jorlandu Assant
o   Salvu Grima p   Notaru Johanni [Siniscalia]
[Total]   xxvii o   Marcu Buhaiar
o   Frankinu Cagege
–   Micheli de Catania o   Gullielmu Surdu
–   Paulu Gutaja g   Petruzu Haxixe Jucularu
–   Mariu Vella mu   Luca Gaudixi
o   Manfre de Franciscu –   Brancatu Bugeja
o   Pascualinu Canzuhuc C   1 p   Rafetu [?] Gaudixi serviens
o   Bernardu Semen o   Paulu Gregu
–   Thumeu Vella o   Benedittu Fauchel dui fiati
m   Arrigu Vella [Total]   xxviii
o   Johanni Curmi [f.   34v]
o   Antoni Mahallif –   Jakinu de Agusta
o   Andrea Muzangar o   Thumeu Frendu
o   Pinu Muzangar p   Cola Frendu
m   Gaddu Percopu o   Julianu Xara
o   Micheli Axac o   Johanni Fertusi
–   Pascualinu Burgi p   Bernardu Xara
m   Gullielmu Azupardu o   Fidericu Zamit
o   Cola Farmusa o   Salvu Xara
o   Johanni Azupardu o   Antoni Cagege
m   Ramundu Sillatu g   Antoni Balderi Jucularu
m   Micheli Tabuni o   Custanzu Spiteri
p   Bernardu Skembri p   Cola Muscat
p   Muni Skembri o   Nuzu Rafacanu
p   Ramundu de lu Vechu o   Chiccu Cuskeri
o   Ximuni Galie –   Gullielmu Cusmanu
o   Gullielmu Faruge o   Jakinu Delfe
o   Pascualinu Saliba p   Andrea Vinicianu
o   Paulu Cauki o   Johanni Maniuni
–   Antoni Cauki p   Antoni Muntana
o   Baldu Grima –   Andrea Mahanuc
p   Arigu Mallia o   Benedittu Dallu
o   Benedittu Santurinu o   Antoni Burasi
p   Antoni de Catania    mu   Antoni de Saura
–   Lemu Farruge g   Lenzu de Saura Jucularu
p   Mariu de Crapj o   Cola Fenec
–   Marcu Zamit o   Jacobinu Delia
o   Lenzu Oluna o   Paulinu Cuskeri
[Total]   xxvii –   Martinu Sayd
[f.   35] xxxv o   Jacobinu Azuppardu
o   Lemu Faruge o   Perellu Xeluki
o   Andrea Camenzuli m   Petru Grecu
o   Antoni Mahaduf –   Salvu Bigeni
–   Lemu Kixir o   Antoni Calleja
o   Salvu Calleja o   Thumeu Seykil
o   Johanni Chilia C   1 o   Arrigu Bartalu
p   Rugeri Zumahac o   Johanni Curmi
p   Giliu Skembri m   Nardu Muhumudi
o   Luca Chilia [Total]   xxvii
p   Pinu Gutaje [f.   36] xxxvi
–   Cola Gazal p   Martinu Bikibac
o   Nardu Cauki –   Andrea Bakibac
–   Johanni Cauzan m   Jacobinu Vinicianu
m   Marcu Cauzan o   Niculozu de Xicli
o   Marcu Cauchi m   Andrea Garuf
m   Johanni Curmi o   Johanni Saccu
o   Marcu Kixir o   Gullielmu Duse
m   Cola Kixir p   Luca Burgi
o   Thumeu Zurafe o   Gullielmu Camemei
Fidericu   Busitin mu   Danzu Bartalu
p   Muni Kercheppu m   Janinu Bartalu
p   Lippu Maniuni m   Cola Brancat
p   Cola Ferriolu o   Gullielmu Garuf
o   lu dremesu m   Thumeu Buhaiar C   1
o   Jogaddu Fartasi o   Johanni Buhaiar
o   Benedittu Lificar p   Antoni Capu
o   Benedittu Farmusa –   Andrea Calleja
o   Albanu Galie dui fiati –   Baldu Calleja
[Total]   xxviii o   Paulu Maxita
[f.   35v] o   Laurenzu Mundellu
Cola   Muhumud –   Franciscu Kercheppu
o   Dimitriu Cumbu m   Thumeu Grecu
mu   Paulu Spitali o   Cola Cuchara
o   Luca Haxixe o   Micheli Vella
–   Antoni Canchur o   Lanza Vella
o   Lemu Zarbatanu o   Paulu Vella
p   Cola Pichilu more [?] o   Randinu Caferinu
[Total]   xxvii o   Bertinu Bunichi
[f.   36v] –   Micheli Bunichi
o   Bringeli Bitar o   Andrea Curcurellu
m   Franciscu Capurat o   Gullielmu Galie C   1
o   Benedittu Zurafe Gullielmu   Mundellu
mu   Lenzu Capu    –   Pinu Cakie
–   Lanza Bugeya mortu o   Manfre Mahaduf
p   Gulinu Calleja m   Petru Galie
m   Aguistinu Gambinu –   Salvu Bajada
o   Culayta Zurafe [Total]   xxviii
–   Cola Damiata [f.   37v]
p   Johanni Cagege m   Salvu Carchune
–   Benedittu Cagege ‘> o   Jorgi Mahallef
p   Arrigu Chilia g   Antoni Cakie Jucularu
o   Bernardu Chilia o   Pascualinu Canchur
o   Gullielmu Calafat o   Gualteri Salibi
–   Gullielmu Nuara o   Thumeu Saliba
p   Niculozu Burgi p   Pinu Santoru
o   Paganinu Cuskeri o   Thumeu Skembri
o   Antoni Cuskeri o   Apostoli Bonavia
o   Jorgi Galie o   Cola Bartalu
o   Baldu Buhaiar m   Antoni Albanu
o   Johanni Xuerib o   Culeyta Mallia
–   Livera Maniuni o   Ximuni Burgi
o   Benedittu Mahanuc o   Marcu Calleja
o   Thumeu Vella C   1 o   Manfre Surdu
o   Jacobinu Gazal o   Ruggeri Cassari
o   Cataldu Maxita o   Paulu Parnisi
[Total]   xxiiiiii [sic] m   Rayneri Tabuni
[f.   37] xxxvii o   Jacubu Haleu
–   Lenzu de Luna o   Marcu Vassaldi
o   Blasi Bastianu m   Paulu Luuki
–   Nicolau Gaudixi –   Antoni Gutaye
o   Bernardu Mahanuc o   Albanu Galie
o   Cola Zamit o   Thumeu Bartalu
m   Johanni Darmaninu o   Paulu Zurafe
m   Niculozu [Total]   xxiiiii
o   Gullielmu Skembri [f.   38] xxxviii
–   Cola Bunichi Civitas   [obliterated]
o   Antoni Saliba o   Chiccu Cuzin
–   Paulu Sayd m   Johanni Cuzin Gozu
m   Brancat Sayd o   Mariu Burasi
–   Arrigu Hakem o   Vincenti Bartalu
o   Julianu Bartalu Harria   [?] Falca viii
o   Petruzu Petrella Cola   de Bonfiglo iiiii
o   Petru Luuki Jacubu   Manduca iii
–   Antoni Hellule Gozu Benedittu   Cunzuhuc ii
m   Ramondu Cuskeri Antoni   de Agusta ii
–   Andrea Semen Perellu   Surdu iii
o   Thumeu Bonavia Gullielmu   de Burdinu iii
m   Paulu Gaudixi Thumeu   Azupardu ii
o   Antoni Fracacheni C   1 Januzu   de lu Vechu ii
m   Antoni Canchur Nardu   Cunti iii
o   Ansaldinu Zamit o   Johanni Cunti v
o   Nuzu Cutaje    o   Paulu Chilia ii
o   Benedittu Fanchellu Lanza   Chilia ii
o   Antoni Brahimi Thumeu   Kindebu ii
o   Niculozu Cuze Jacubu   Ziguchi ii
–   Gualteri Atardu o   Aduardu Cagege ii
–   Andrea Fracacheni –   Paulu de Pellegrinu viii
[Total]   xviii –   Johanni Vacharu vi
[f.   38v] o   Fidericu Meheri
Civitas o   Gulinu Sillatu vii
Johanni   de Biglera Liuni   Caxaru v
Niculinu   Nuara o   Micheli Gugla iii
Franciscu   de Mazara ii –   Frankinu de la Licata xii
Faruza   [?] de Francu ii g   Gullielmu Xidi Jucularu
o   Franciscu Grecu ii [Total]   xxvi
o   Mariu de Pericuni v [f.   39v]
o   Luppu Calleja v o   Bundu Chipullatu
o   Jufre Cusburella v o   Petruzu Gutaje
Masi   Far ii o   Cola Chicala
Franzoy   Grassu ii Deunisi   de Armanin x
Misser   Luisi [de Plusasco] xxv Antoni   Furmica
Bernardu   de lu Vechu ii Bartolomeo   Vassaldu i
Manfre   Dalagona xx o   Raymundu Zamit ii
Lemu   Muhumud o   Perellu Manduca iii
o   Pinu Fauzuni vi o   Jacobinu Pinche ii
o   Cola Fauzuni ii o   Lemu Sillatu iii
Antoni   Fauzuni xxv Benedittu   Hakim
o   Petru de la Barba x Cola   Zebi ii
Andrea   Skembri ii Julianu   Said iii
Masi   Meheri ii Albanu   Axac iii
Angelu   Vaccaru xv Bartolomeo   Sardu ii
o   Cejzu Lazaruni vi o   Thumeu de Ursu
Salvu   Cusburella Lemu   Bindinu ii
Bartholomeo   de Chalona x Johanni   Butirica ii [? Buticece]
Czullu   Gactu x o   Paulu Axac ii
[Total]   xxv Not.   Antoni Azuparda iiii
[f.   39] xxxviiii o   Gullielmu de Bonannu iii
[Jacubu]   Ristainu I o   Salvu Cunti iii
Andrea   de lu Vechu ii Manfre   Caxaru xii
o   Jacubu Camilleri xxii Not.   Curau [d’Alaymo] iii
Luca   Bunellu ii o   Cola de lu Bagliu iii
[Total]   xxv o   Fidericu Rafacanu iiii
[f.   40] xxxx o   Micheli de Barnardu xiii
de   la Barba v o   Cola de Asti xii
u   Laureri v o   Orlandu de Burdinu x
Xandru   Vella viii o   Antoni Calabachi vi
o   Cola de Azupardu ii [Total]   xxv
Thumeu   Curmi vi [f.   41] xxxxi
o   Pericuni in Saheri [?] unu   ii
o   Rugeri Santoru v ii
Cola   Dinkili   ii
o   Gullielmu Feriolu iiii Paulu   Azupardu
o   Masi Mullica vi Andrea   Ponzu ii
Lemu   Feraru ii Thumeu   Grecu ii
Frankinu   Laureri x [Total]   vi
o   Jacubu Ziguchi iii [f.   41v]
o   Albanu Fracacheni ii [La   Giudecca]
Cola   de Sarlu iii Neten
Johanni   Sillatu viii Xilomo
Salvu   Bunichi Ximexim
Lemu   Fauczuni x Ben   [?] Catalanu
Gaddu   Rafacanu v Caymi   Attun
Jacubu   de la Habica xx Rubin   de Marsala
Giliu   Cumbu iii Lia   Attun
o   Thumeu Brancat iiii Muxi   Sijd
o   Bernardu de Francu iii Bahaiuni   Meir
Antoni   Bagnolu x Migaluf   Meyr
o   Antoni de Girgenti iii David   Minahin
[Total]   xxv Cajmi   Nifusi
[f.   40v] Peris   Baruda
Jahannixi   de Arexula Xellule   [?] Braga
o   Pinu Campoch Muxi   Attun
Pera   Barberi ii Merdoc   Hagege
Paulinu   Calleja vii Sadi   Nifusi
o   Franciscu Axac ii Brahimi   Catalanu
o   Antoni Cusburella v Josef   Levi
o   Misser Franciscu Gactu xxx Jacobi   Melj
o   Cola Vella ii Jacob   Gibili
o   Jacobinu Callas iii Merdoc   Utan [or Ntan]
o   Baldu Xikilune iii Brahim   Biglemin
o   Marcu Aiuz iii [Total]   xxiii
Not.   Nicolu del Insula vi [f.   42] xxxxii
o   Giliu Cusburella vi [N.B.   2/3 of column is torn off]
o   Burdinu Cauchi ii Sacani
o   Costa Camenzuli Muxi   m …
o   Bertu Muhumudi iii Hisiac   ….
o   Bartolomeo Maniavacca iii Abraham   Cu …
Johanni   de Murci iii Galife   de Mu …
Hakimuni   Nifusi
Saccuni   Hikidena
Xuham   Gazule

[1] Anon, Memoirs of the Family of Inguanez (Malta, 1888), p. 25.

[2] Royal Malta Library (RML), Univ. 206 De Insolis Melivet. et Gaud. eiusque secretia Feudis et Juribus Capibrevium Concessiones et Privilegia prout in Regia Cancellaria Regni Siciliae, f. 12r.

[3] RML, Library Ms. 1365, p. 45, for Notaro Nicolo de Insula. Notaro Antonio Azzupardo drew up the will of D. Cataldo Cusburella in 1418: RML, Libr. Ms. 695 Notamenti de Testamenti de Maschi, f. 67r. On 5 June 1418 he also drew up the will of Donna Margherita Alagona, widow of Jacobus de Pellegrino: Cathedral Archives; Mdina, Ms. 28, fols. 1 et seq.

[4] Misser Luysi de Plosasco appears in full in Cathedral Archives, Università, Quaderni Diversi, No.4, ‘die marti ala plaza’. This document is roughly contemporary with Quaderni Diversi, No.3. The marriage settlement of Simone de Mazara seniore to Donna Francia, daughter of Giacomo Pellegrino and widow of Ludovico de Plosasco ‘n the deeds of Notary Nicolai di Marescalco Panormitani, 2 Novembre 1434 or the deeds of Notary Angelo Manuele of Malta, 20 Maggio 1429’ is noted in RML, Libr. Ms. 1365, p. 255.

[5] Cath. Arch., Università Tom I ‘A’, Ms. 34, fols. 171r et seq., published with numerous errors by Mgr. A. Mifsud in La Diocesi di Malta, anno II, pp. 243-48.

[6] Names in original charter to be found in RML, Univ. 3, doc. 2 (published with a few errors by Mgr. A. Mifsud in Archivum Melitense, III, pp. 324-31). The only ones which could not be identified with certainty with names in the militia list are: Berengario Impuiata, Mazullo Gattu, Gullielmu Fa1zuni, Matheo de Picono, Magistro Johanne Hoseyle and Berto de Messana. A few of the Christian names in the list are missing owing to a tear in the manuscript.

[7] Names written twice (scritti dui fiati) have not been counted where a note to that effect was entered by the scribe.

[8] ‘Summanu li buki di lu rabbatu milli et trechentu et lxxxi’: Cath. Archives, Università Quaderni Diversi, No. 2.

[9] Cath. Arch., Università Quaderni Diversi, No. 7.

[10] Capituli of 2 November 1455, late copy in RML, Libr. Ms. 494, fol. 31r. According to Paul Cassar, Medical History of Malta, p. 13, the disease was scarlet fever.

[11] In 1535 Malta’s envoys informed the Sicilian government that Malta then contained 22,000 inhabitants, Gozo about 6,500: Cath. Arch., Ms. 34, Università Tom I ‘A’, fol. 351v. In another document addressed to the same government they wrote that in Malta there were some 20,000 Maltese persons, to which foreigners had to be added: ibid., fol. 366r.

[12] Cath. Arch., Università Quaderni Diversi, No.6.

[13] That it was near Madliena can be seen from the royal grant of land ‘in contrata Casalis Samud vocata di Santa MariaMagdalena’ to Christofarus de Spetere, 7 April 1439: RML, Univ. 206, fol. 301r. The militia list itself shows that the Madliena intended is the one near Gharghur by its coupling of the names of the two villages.

[14] For a study of the surnames in the militia list of 1419-20 and the angara roll of the 1480s see the present writer’s ‘The Distribution of Surnames in Malta in 1419 and the 1480s’, Journal of Maltese Studies, No.5, 1968, pp. 25-48.
A list of Early Maltese Place-names, mostly pre-1500, is in the final stages of preparation ready for publication.

[15] Cath. Arch., Università, Quaderni Diversi, No.6.


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  1. Carmen Borg

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    Extremely fascinating, Have not spotted on Borg among this lot.

  2. Carmel Hilarius Vella

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    Great job. Thank you.


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