Air Malta

imageAir Malta was set up by a Resolution of Malta’s House of Representatives on March 21, 1973 and was registered as a limited liability company on March 30, 1973.  The previous day, the Prime Minister, as Minister for Civil Aviation, had granted the company an Air Service Licence valid for ten years with effect from April 1, 1973.

The licence was granted subject to the condition that the substantial ownership and effective control of the airline would, at all times, be held and exercised by the Government of Malta and/or by citizens of Malta and/or by companies incorporated under the laws of Malta and controlled by citizens of Malta.

imageAir Malta was formed with the assistance of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).  The share capital was authorised at Lm750,000 of which Lm530,000 were issued – 51% by Air Malta and 20% by PIA.  The rest, 29% of the capital share, was initially unsubscribed.  On January 24, 1975 Malta Airlines took 5%, while Malta Aviation Services Ltd. took up 1% of the unsubscribed shareholding in Air Malta.  On August 11, 1975, the Government raised the shareholding capital of the company to Lm1,250,000 in order to increase the working capital.  At the same time the authorised share capital was called up, with the Government subscribing 76.4%, PIA 20%, imageIntercontinental Services (formerly Malta Airlines) 3% and Cassar & Cooper Holdings Ltd. (formerly Malta Aviation Services Ltd.) 0.6% of the shares of Air Malta.  In November and December 1985 Middle Sea Insurance purchased the shares owned by both Intercontinental Services and Cassar & Cooper Holdings Ltd.  The Maltese Government exercised the option to purchase PIA’s shares in the company in November 1980, thus resulting in the State owing 96.4% of the equity.


Airmalta blessing 1974



Air Malta started flying operations with two wet-leased Boeing 720Bs (AP-AMG, AP-AMJ) from PIA on April 1st, 1974, with scheduled services to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and Tripoli.  By 1979, Air Malta owned five aircraft: the two B720Bs which were wet-leased from PIA – purchased on March 31, 1979 (re-registered as 9H-AAM, 9H-AAN) – and a further three B720Bs purchased from Western Airlines (9H-AAK, 9H-AAL, 9H-AAO).

On March 30, 1982 Air Malta ordered her first brand new aircraft, with signing of a purchase agreement with Boeing Company for three Boeing B737-200 Advanced.  With the delivery of the B737-200s in March 1983 (9H-ABA, 9H-ABB, 9H-ABC) – coinciding with the airline’s tenth anniversary celebrations – Air Malta unveiled a new aircraft livery, being a slight alteration of the original colour scheme.

imageIn August 1986, Air Malta purchased two more B737-200As which were delivered in July 1987 (9H-ABE, 9H-ABF).  The purchase was financed through a US$40-million credit facility from a consortium of ten international banks.  This was the first-ever international financing for a Maltese borrower, and it was a source of considerable satisfaction to Air Malta that the loan, mandated to Chase Investment Bank, was oversubscribed in syndication. Early in 1987 Air Malta signed two other agreements: one for delivery of an Airbus A320-200 airliner, delivered on August 30, 1990 (9H-ABP), and another for the sixth B737-200A, delivered on March 18, 1988 (9H-ABG).  In March 1989 the airline exercised its option for a second A320-200, delivered on March 27th, 1992 (9H-ABQ).  The following month Air Malta ordered three new Boeing B737-300 aircraft, delivered in March, April and May 1993 (9H-ABR, 9H-ABS, 9H-ABT).  The 1990s brought about a new corporate image for Air Malta, when it introduced her third aircraft colour scheme in December 1989.

In January 1994, Air Malta ordered four RJ70s from Avro International Aerospace for its operations, delivered between September 1994 and March 1995 (9H-ACM, 9H-ACN, 9H-ACO, 9H-ACP).  The package deal included the replacement of four Air Malta Boeing B737-200A aircraft.  The usage of the RJ70s on Air Malta flight operations was however short-lived, because in mid-early 1997, Air Malta Group decided to abandon the hub strategy which had been initiated by the previous management and to dispose of the aircraft.   Air Malta disposed of the four RJ70s by leasing them to its italian-based subsidiary Azzurra Air (49.1% of its stake owned by Air Malta).  All four RJ70s were delivered to Azzurra Air between October 1997 and March 1998 re-registered as EI-COQ (ex 9H-ACM), EI-CPL (ex 9H-ACP), EI-CPJ (ex 9H-ACN) and EI-CPK (ex 9H-ACO).  These augmented the three new Avro RJ85s purchased by Air Malta and leased to Azzurra Air in 1996.  The three RJ85s were delivered to Azzurra Air between November 1996 and May 1997 (EI-CNI, EI-CNJ, EI-CNK).

imageIn July 2002, Air Malta concluded a multi-million dollar agreement which involved International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), Airbus and CFM International for the renewal of its fleet over a four-and-a-half-year period.  Two major elements of the deal involved the sale and lease back from ILFC of Air Malta?s own two A320-200s (9H-ABP, 9H-ABQ) and three B737-300s (9H-ABR, 9H-ABS, 9H-ABT), and the dry lease of twelve new aircraft from the Airbus A320 family, powered by CFM engines, for a term of twelve years each with an option to buy at the termination of the lease.  The first of these new leased aircraft, an A320 (9H-AEF), was delivered on October 31, 2003 and the last, an A320 (9H-AEQ), was delivered on March 22, 2007.  In total, seven A320s and five A319s were delivered. In September 2002, Air Malta concluded a sale and lease back package of its ‘owned’ seven Avroliners (four RJ70s and three RJ85s) with BAE Systems in conjunction with the HSBC Bank (to manage the dry-lease of the Avroliners to Air Malta).  As per the package concluded, Air Malta dry-leased back the seven Avroliners – to be kept sub-leased by Air Malta to italian-based subsidiary Azzurra Air – for periods with staggered expiry dates up to May 2008.

Besides dry-leasing back all RJs, the national airline had also re-purchase option rights. In December 2003, Air Malta Group terminated the lease of the four Avro RJ70s and three Avro RJ85s with Azzurra Air, because Azzurra Air were said to be in default with the aircrafts’ lease obligations.

Consequently, Air Malta re-possessed the seven Avroliners and flew them – with the aid of hired crew – to Exeter, U.K., for temporary storage with the sole intention of marketing all seven aircraft – deemed not suitable for Air Malta’s strategy.  Rather than continuing to lease the aircraft – to third parties – until their expiry dates Air Malta decided to repurchase the aircraft and then sell them – all seven RJs were sold by Air Malta by the summer of 2007.

imageBetween 2002 and 2007, Air Malta embarked upon a fleet replacement programme, opting to change all aircraft to Airbus A319s and A320s, thus reducing the average age of the fleet to 2.5 years. The last aircraft in this order, A320 9H-AEQ, was delivered on 22 March 2007.

January 30, 2004 marked the end of the Boeing B737-200 in Air Malta operations.  The last B737-200 operated by Air Malta, 9H-ABF, departed for the last time from Malta International Airport – as KM7372 – enroute to Southend, U.K., to undergo maintenance before being delivered to a new operator. Air Malta bid farewell to its last Boeing aircraft in its fleet on March 30, 2008.  The departure of the B737-300, 9H-ADI, on its last commercial flight KM3326/7 to Frankfurt, was marked with a “triumphal arc” of water from two vehicles of M.I.A.’s firefighting section parked on either side.

Air Malta had around 190 interline ticketing agreements with other IATA airlines. According to the Association of European Airlines quarterly review of May 2006 Air Malta is the airline that loses the least amount of passenger baggage. The amount of baggage lost in the first quarter of 2006 was 4.1 bags missing per 1000 passengers.

In winter the airline often leases out aircraft to maximise earnings during the low season. In September 2007, for instance, Air Malta made two agreements with Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways by which Air Malta wet-leased 2 Airbus aircraft to Etihad Airways for the winter period starting 1 September 2007, and provided operational support on another Airbus A320 aircraft leased by Etihad Airways. In January and February 2009 Air Malta wet-leased A320 9H-AEF to Sky Airline of Chile. In 2011 Air Malta wet-leased again one A320 (9H-AEN) to Sky Airline.

In 2012 Air Malta underwent a re-branding process. The first plane to show off the new colours was the A320 (9H-AEN) in the Malta International Airshow 2012. On the second and last day of the show the A320 and the Spitfire performed a flypast as the closing act.

imageIn November 2012 Air Malta moved its Head Office to the SkyParks Business Centre. The airline started operating from the Europa Centre in Floriana and moved to the Luqa offices in the late 1970s. The Luqa offices were built by the Royal Air Force as sleeping quarters and were used as offices by the airline for over 33 years. These buildings were no longer adequate for the airline’s office needs and requirements. The SkyParks Business Centre offers Air Malta employees an open plan environment where they can work in a brand new corporate setting that enhances productivity, teamwork and improve organisational communication.

Air Malta’s restructuring was not only tackled in terms of returning the airline back to profitability but, equally important, changing its organisational culture.

Air Malta’s corporate and finance sections started operating from SkyParks on Monday, 19th November 2012, Flight Operations from 26th November 2012 whilst the Commercial and Ground Operations moved offices on the 3rd December 2012.

Air Malta rebrand 1

A320 (9H-AEN)


In Sptember 2013 Air Malta initiated a project to upgrade its ‘Electronic Flight Bag’ devices in the flight deck with an Apple iPad based solution that provides pilots with one-touch access to up-to-date flight information, charts, maps, and other crucial navigation tools. Thie airline was one of the first in the world to use such advanced technology in the cockpit. The iPads, equipped with Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro, help the airline to transition to a fully paperless cockpit where essential information is available the moment it is required. The system is intended to reduce pilot workload, increase situational awareness in flight, lower operating costs through reduced fuel consumption based on weight savings and help Air Malta reduce its carbon emissions and become more environmentally friendly. A typical paper based pilot flight bag weighs around 25 kilograms containing thousands of pages of navigation, airport and runway charts, operating manuals, reference handbooks, flight checklists, logbooks and weather information. The removal of this weight from onboard each flight  reduced the airline annual fuel bill.

Flight ipads

On Wednesday 16 April 2014 in the afternoon Air Malta surprised the islands with a freshly-painted aircraft to kick-start its 40th anniversary celebrations. Air Malta registered aircraft 9H-AEI operated flight KM 40, appropriately selected for the occasion, and arrived in Malta after being repainted in Ostrava (Czech Republic) bearing the original Air Malta livery. The aircraft was on a long-term lease to Interjet in Mexico. The aircraft performed two low flypasts on runway 31 and overflew the island before landing, at around 6pm. It flew over the Grand Harbour, Sliema, the northern coastline of Malta, Mosta, Qrendi and Birzebbugia.

The aircraft was welcomed at Malta International Airport during an event hosted attended by Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech, Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis and Air Malta CEO Louis Giordimaina. The aircraft was then blessed by the airport chaplain, Fr. Donald Bellizzi.

Present for the inauguration were ambassadors of the countries where Air Malta started its flights in 1974, as well as the cabin crew of the first two inaugural flights. Also in attendance were various personalities who helped the airline in its first years, including the former Air Malta chairman, current Air Malta staff and other VIPs from the local aviation community.






Air Malta: a short history

Air Malta started flights on 1st April, 1974 with scheduled services to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and Tripoli.

Presently Air Malta has evolved into a European regional airline trusted by hundreds of thousands of passengers every year. It operates a modern fleet of aircraft between the Maltese Islands and important destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.


  • 1973
    Founded on 30 March 1973.  Air Malta is set up by a Resolution of Malta’s House of Representatives on 21st March 1973, and registered as a limited liability company on 30th March 1973.
    First Group of Engineers Train With PIA
    Contract with Pakistan International Airlines
  • The Prime Minister of Malta grants the company an Air Service Licence valid for ten years starting from 1st April 1973.
  • 1974
    Air Malta is Inaugurated and The Inaugural Flight Takes Off.    Air Malta starts flying operations with two wet-leased Boeing 720Bs from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) with scheduled services to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Libya.
    First Touch Down.


  • 1983 – Air Malta’s New Livery is Unveiled.
  • The company signs an agreement with the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group for the purchase of three B737-200 Advanced aircraft. Their delivery in March 1983 coincides with the airline’s tenth anniversary celebrations.
  • Within six months of the purchase, Air Malta sets a world record with the highest utilisation for all operators of this aircraft type: 14.9 hours per aircraft per day in September 1983.
  • 1985 – Air Malta’s First Maltese Captains.
  • 1986 – Air Malta continues to consolidate its fleet of aircraft with further strategic agreements aimed at enhancing its mission statement of providing air-related services to benefit the Maltese economy and people.
  • 1989 – Air Malta’s New Livery is Unveiled


  • During May 1990, Pope John Paul II flies with Air Malta on a historic official visit to the country.
  • 1992 – Air Malta’s Second Airbus A320 Arrives
  • Air Malta continues increasing the frequency of services to neighbouring destinations such as Catania, Palermo and Tunis.
  • In Spring 1994, Air Malta leases a wide-body Airbus A310 aircraft for use on high density routes to Germany and London and on the long-haul route to Dubai. This investment helps the airline increase its cargo carrying capacity, which proves invaluable to Maltese industry.
  • Air Malta becomes actively involved in the planning of the new air terminal at Malta International Airport, which was officially inaugurated on 8th February 1992.
  • The airline decides to increase the strategic importance of its cargo operation with a view for the airfreight business to achieve higher revenues.
  • CargoSystems is set up to provide services ranging from third-party handling through warehousing, marketing, on-board courier services and, eventually, a dedicated scheduled freighter operation.
  • During the mid to late 1990s, the airline decides to diversify its business. The company sets up subsidiaries and sections in related businesses such as package holidays, travel insurance and passenger handling.
  • 1996 – Air Malta Launches Website (
    The 10 Millionth Passenger Arrives on Air Malta’s UK Routes
  • 1997 – First All Woman Crew
  • Air Malta is awarded the JAR-145 Approval Certificate on 13 November, 1997 by the French Director General of Civil Aviation on behalf of the European Joint Aviation Authorities. This approval reflects the internationally-recognised maintenance standards at Air Malta.


  • In January 2003, Lufthansa Technik Malta – a new joint venture set-up by Air Malta and Lufthansa Technik AG – starts performing engineering C-Checks on the complete range of Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family aircraft for Lufthansa German Airlines, Air Malta and third parties.
  • For the first time, Air Malta starts operating a Maltese-registered Airbus A319 in its fleet. The 168-seater aircraft, named ‘Valletta’, operates its first flight to Manchester. A second Airbus A319, named ‘Mdina’, joins Air Malta’s fleet on the 4th February, 2004.
  • Air Malta benefits from Malta’s EU membership by operating intra-European flights between Catania and London’s Gatwick airport. The airline sets up bases in the UK and starts a charter flight programme from the UK to a number of holiday destinations in Europe.
  • 2005
    Air Malta is Appointed CHOGM 2005 Official Airline.
    Air Malta Flies to Sri Lanka After Tsunami
    Air Malta’s Uniform in 2005
  • 2006
    Air Malta Attains IOSA Standard. The company is awarded ISO 9001-2000 certification by Moody International Certification Ltd for its airside ground handling services.
    Centrecom, Air Malta’s Call Centre is Inaugurated
    Kledi Kadiu Flies Air Malta
    Air Malta Launches its In-Flght Entertainment System
    Sir Bob Geldof flies Air Malta
    Amadeo Minghi Flies Air Malta
    The Greatest Race
  • 2007
    Italian Singer Gianni Morandi Flies Air Malta
    Claudio Baglioni Flies Air Malta
    Orietta Berti Flies Air Malta
    Bryan Adams Flies Air Malta
    Maroon 5 Fly Air Malta
    Toto Cutugno Flies Air Malta
    AC Milan Fly Air Malta
  • 2008
    Michael Bolton Flies Air Malta
    Duran Duran Fly Air Malta
    The Last Commercial Boeing Aircraft Flight
    Juventus Fly Air Malta
    Air Malta’s Uniform in 2008
  • 2009
    35 Years of Achievement at Air Malta
    Manchester United Fly Air Malta


  • The airline starts facing increased pressure on its revenues and its business model.
  • In 2010, the Maltese Government requests the European Commission to authorise a loan facility worth €52 million, in line with EU state aid rules. The Commission approves the temporary measure.
  • Air Malta’s board and management work closely with the authorities to design a sustainable restructuring plan aimed at turning the airline’s financial situation around. The plan is submitted for examination to the European Commission, which approves it after thorough scrutiny.
  • The airline starts implementing its restructuring operations based on a plan spearheaded by Chief Executive, Peter Davies, which aims to make the airline profitable again within four years.
  • In mid 2012, Air Malta reveals its new brand positioning, unveiling a new livery for the fleet and new logos for the airline as well as subsidiary companies. The new positioning is aimed at promoting the Maltese Islands internationally and strengthening the airline’s role as the lead destination airline of the Maltese Islands.
  • In December 2012, the airline’s workforce relocates to the Skyparks Business Centre at the Malta International Airport. The modern, open-plan layout supports improved communication among staff and departments, thereby underlining the airline’s ongoing cultural transformation.
  • In Sptember 2013 Air Malta initiated a project to upgrade its ‘Electronic Flight Bag’ devices.


Air Malta Logos

1974 – 1989


December 1989 – September 2012


September 2012


Aircraft Liveries

April 1974 – March 1983




April 1983 – December 1989



December 1989 – September 2012




AEO special livery

From September 2012

Air Malta rebranded


A320 (9H-AEN)









Airbus 319


The A319, powered by CFM56 engines, carries 141 passengers in a typical two-class seating configuration over a range of up to 2,600 nm/4,815 km.

Quantity: 4 in fleet
Number of seats:141
Engines: 2 CFM56-5B6/P
Maximum take-off weight: 73.5 Metric Tonnes
Overall Length: 33.84m
Wing Span: 34.1m
Cruising Speed: 834kph
Range: 4,815 km

Airbus 320


The A320 is a narrow-bodied, medium-haul aircraft which is capable of carrying up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo in addition to a full passenger load dependent on each route. This aircraft has two holds consisting of four compartments, all of which are designed for the carriage of loose-loaded bulk cargo and mail.

Quantity: 6 in fleet

Number of seats:168 / 180

Engines: 2 CFM56-5B4/P
Maximum take-off weight: 77.0 Metric Tonnes
Overall Length: 37.57m
Wing Span: 34.1m
Cruising Speed: 834kph
Range: 4,055 km

Company Aircraft Registered in Malta

Identity Aircraft Registration/canx dates Notes
9H-AAK B.720-047B 25.03.78/11.04.88 arr. on 14.04.78, dep on 10.04.88
9H-AAL B.720-047B 08.03.79/09.11.87 Arr. on 08.03.79, dep. on 08.11.87
9H-AAM B.720-040B 31.03.79/30.06.82 Wfu 81. Used for German TV film in Dec 86. To fire dump, totally des by 2000.
9H-AAN B.720-040B 28.03.79/20.09.84 Dep. on 19.09.84
9H-AAO B.720-047B 31.03.79/29.12.89 Arr. on 28.03.79
9H-ABA B.737-2Y5 11.03.83/02.10.94 Arr. on 11.03.83, dep. on 29.09.94
9H-ABB B.737-2Y5 31.03.83/02.11.94 Arr.on 01.04.83, dep. on 06.11.94 Leased to Sobelair  June/July 93.
9H-ABC B.737-2Y5 30.03.83/19.12.94 Arr. on 31.03.83, dep 16.12.94. Rr HR-ATN, photographed  with Atlantic Airlines titles, Aug, 2004.
9H-ABE B.737-2Y5 21.07.87/17.02.99  
9H-ABE B.737-2Y5 17.02.99/04.03.04 Owned by Celcius Amtec Corporation since 17.02.99. Dep on  05.01.04 as KM3640 to Pescara. End of lease after delivery of A.320 9H-AEF TO Air Malta.
9H-ABF B.737-2Y5 27.07.87/19.02.99  
9H-ABF B.737-2Y5 19.02.99/04.03.04 Air Malta Co. Ltd. Owned by Celcius Amtec Corporation since
17.02.99. Aircraft departed on 30.01.04 at 16.45. Captain remained low after take-off, then returned for a low-level flypast with undercarriage lowered, barely ten feet above the runway.
9H-ABG B.737-2Y5 17.03.88/29.03.95 Arr. On 18.03.88
9H-ABP A.320-211 30.08.90/  
9H-ABP A.320-211 14.09.90/  
9H-ABP A.320-211 10.10.00/09.04.02  
9H-ABP A.320-211 09.04.02/04.11.03 Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Participated during Malta Int’l Airshow 2003. Operated last revenue flight on 30.09.03, departed for the UK on the same day. Delivered to Air Arabia.
9H-ABQ A.320-211 26.03.92/29.11.01  
9H-ABQ A.320-211 29.11.01/09.04.02  
9H-ABQ A.320-211 09.04.02/07.12.04 Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Hit lights pylon  with wing tip when taxying out on the evening of 19 Jan 04. Pylon collapsed on aircraft’s rear fuselage. Repaired and returned to service. Sold, and left Malta for good on 01.11.04 for London Heathrow as KM2104. To Shannon for maintenance, then service with Air Mediterranee. First flight on 12.12.04, Lyon to Dakar via Toulouse. Seen as F-GYAI with Air Mediterranee on 04.05.06.
9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 26.03.93/29.11.01  
9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 29.11.01/11.04.02  
9H-ABR B.737-3Y5 11.04.02/07.11.05 Bought by ILFC on 11.04.02 and leased back. Left Air Malta  fleet on 19.09.05. Re-registered as LN-KKV to Norwegian Air Express.
9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 30.04.93/29.11.01  
9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 29.11.01/10.04.02  
9H-ABS B.737-3Y5 10.04.02/21.12.05 Bought by ILFC on 10.04.02 and leased back. Leased to Air New  Zealand, in 2003. Left Malta for good on 29.10.05, callsign KM2134, towards Gatwick, then to Shannon. Photographed in Air Union colours and titles, but still as 9H-ABS.
9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 25.05.93/29.11.01  
9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 29.11.01/09.04.02  
9H-ABT B.737-3Y5 09.04.02/30.11.06 Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back.
9H-ABX A.320 07.04.92/15.12.92 Arr. on 09.05.92, dep on 22.12.92. First aircraft leased by Air Malta  to be registered in Malta, as the airline already operated a similar type.
9H-ACM Avro RJ-70 20.09.94/17.10.97 Arr on 21.09.94. Rr EI-COQ, sub-leased to S.A.S.
9H-ACN Avro RJ-70 20.10.94/27.03.98 Arr. on 21.10.94
9H-ACO Avro RJ-70 19.12.94/27/03/97 Arr. on 20.03.95
9H-ACP Avro RJ-70 17.03.95/31.03.98 Arr. On 20.03.95
9H-ACS B.737-33A 12.04.95/16.11.95 Arr. 13.04.95, dep 15.11.95
9H-ACT B.737-33A 27.03.95/16.11.95 Arr. 28.03.95
9H-ADH B.737-33A 12.03.98 On lease from Ansett, in full Air Malta livery. Departed Malta in full Air New Zealand colours 16.03.08. Re-registered ZK-NGP.
9H-ADI B.737-33A 22.04.98 On lease from Ansett, in full Air Malta livery. Departed for New Zealand on 01.05.08 as SXI 819. Re-registered ZK-MGR.
9H-ADJ B.737-4H6 03.03.98/03.11.98  
9H-ADK B.737-4H6 27.03.98/07.12.98  
9H-ADL B.737-4H6 22.03.99/03.11.99  
9H-ADM B.737-382 01.06.99/09.02.05 On lease from ILFC, in full Air Malta livery.
9H-ADN B.737-382 04.05.99/09.05.04 On lease from ILFC, in full Air Malta livery. Livery changed  to all-white, with Air Malta titles in red, first noted on 30 Dec 03. Test  flt on 05.05.04. Dep for Berlin Schonefeld as AMC 7373 on 09.05.04. Rr N161AN, rr Air Sahara VT-JAY.
9H-ADO B.737-400 09.04.99/21.03.00  
9H-ADP B.737-300 28.04.99/01.11.99  
9H-ADY A.320-214 24.05.02/26.11.04 On lease from GATX. Spent a few months prior to end of  lease based in Manchester, UK, still flying with Air Malta.
9H-ADZ A.320-211 18.03.02/05.11.04 On lease from GATX. departed Malta for Shannon on 10.10.04.
9H-AED A.320 03.07.03/30.03.04 Arr. at 21.05 hours on 04.07.03, white livery. Summer lease.
9H-AER A.320-214 06.04.04/31.05.06 Based in the UK.
9H-AEF A.320-211   Arr. 07.01.04, in full Air Malta livery. Leased in full AM livery but with titles added, at least between Oct-Nov 2006. Leased to Sky A/Ls between 06 Jan – 06 May 07. Again leased to Sky A/Ls, departing Malta on 07.01.09, Returned Again leased to Sky, departing on 02.01.12, returning on 07.03.12. Dep in Air Malta livery on 12.03, returning from Budapest on the 29th in OLT Express livery as KM997. Left Malta on 03.04.12 for Warsaw as KM998 on dry lease to OLT Express. Returned from lease around 01.08.12, in basic OLT livery (white fuselage/red fin) still bearing reg SP-IAD. Flew Air Malta services in these colours, as of June 2013, with reg being changed to 9H-AEF. Departed on dry lease to Monarch A/Ls on 23.04.14, re-registered as G-ZBAR. No longer registered in Malta
9H-AEG A.319 03.02.04 Arr 04 Feb 04. Leased, with an option to buy. Captain performed two low  flypasts with undercarriage lowered before landing on runway 32. Re-registered on 17.05.04 after engine modification.
9H-AEG A.319-112 17.05.04 Re-registered after engine modifications. Leased to a Canadian operator  as C-GEAG. Aircraft departed Malta on 15.12.05 at 01.12 local time. Returned on 26.03.06. Another lease to the same operator, returning on 28.04.08.
9H-AEH A.319-112 03.03.04 Leased, with an option to buy. Captain performed two low flypasts with
undercarriage lowered before landing on runway 32.
9H-AEH A.319-112 03.03.04 Re-registered 19.05.04 after engine modification. On 06.01.12 was struck on the front part by lightning as it was approaching Malta.  Aircraft did not suffer any structural damage. Leased to Veulling for flight to Madrid on 27.08.14.
9H-AEI A.320-214 26.04.04 Arr on 27 April. Leased, with an option to buy. Captain performed two low  flypasts with undercarriage lowered before landing on runway 32. On long-term lease to Mexico’s InterJet. 
9H-AEJ A.319-112 06.04.04 Arr on 06 Apr as AMC 3193 22.50 local. Leased, with an option to buy.
9H-AEJ A.319-112 14.05.04 Re-registered after engine modification.  No longer in service
9H-AEK A.320-214 20.10.04 Leased, with an option to buy.
9H-AEL A.319-112 11.11.04 Leased, with an option to buy. Reregistered in December 2011
9H-AEM A.319-112 04.02.05 Leased, with an option to buy. Reregistered on 09.02.05.
9H-AEN A.320-214 31.01.06 Arrived on 01.02.06. Leased to Sky A/Ls, departing on 03.01.11, returning in March. First aircraft re-sprayed in new livery between 16-29.09.12
9H-AEO A.320-214 12.05.06 Arrived on 13.05.06. Returned from Shannon as KM2018 on 23.03.12, from re-spray in special “Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018 Candidate City” livery. Flew first service to Gatwick on the 24th March 2012.
9H-AEP A.320-214 05.03.07 Leased to Etihad Airways in November 2007.
9H-AEQ A.320-214 21.03.07  
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