34 – Sir Edmond Schreiber

Lieutenant General Sir Edmond Schreiber
1890 – 1972

Governor of Malta 1944-1946

Important dates during his Governorship

National Assembly
resulting in 1947 Constitution

Lieutenant-General Sir Edmund Charles Acton Schreiber, KCB, DSO, served with the British Army in World War II, commanding V Corps in 1941. He was born on 30th April 1890 and died 8th October 1972.

His father was the late Brigadier General Acton L. Schreiber, CB, CMG, DSO. He married Phyllis Barchard in 1916; there were two daughters.

In World War I, Schreiber served on the Western Front, earning the DSO and mentioned in despatches. He ended the war as a brevet major.

In the 1930s, he served the Staff College, War Office and the Senior Officers’ School, Sheerness and commanded Royal Artillery, Southern Command.

In 1940, he commanded 45th Infantry Division, V Corps in 1941, First Army in 1942 and South­Eastern Command in 1944. Between 1944 and 1946, Schreiber was Governor and Commander­in­Chief of Malta. He retired in 1947.

He was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Devon in 1948 and National President of the Old Contemptibles Association in 1960.
Schreiber became a Knight of the Venerable Order of St John in 1944


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