Buses going back to green in the new year 2015

22 Dec


Buses will sport a light green and white livery when the new operator takes over in January 2015, making this the fourth colour change in four decades.

The new colours will eventually replace the technicolour fleet that has characterised the public transport service throughout 2014 since the departure of Anglo-German company Arriva.

Although the majority of the fleet in 2014 was aquamarine, the colour of Arriva, a number of route buses supplied by private operators came in various colours, shapes and sizes.

The light green colour is a flashback to the green colour that characterized the bus service between 1973 and 1995 when it was replaced with yellow and orange.

But veteran commenters from Cottonera area would also recall that light green was the colour for the buses running to their locality in the pre 1973 era.


Until 1973 the bus service was a rainbow of colours that had been in place since the 1930s, when route buses were colour coded according to locality. It was in 1973 adopted for the first time a uniform colour, green, which was replaced in 1995 when the service was revamped.


The yellow and orange of the mid 1990s eventually made way for Arriva’s aquamarine in 2011 when it started operating it’s short lived bus service till December 2013.





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